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Business is more about thinking

For us to think about and produce tech-enabled ideas

If the ideas are sharp and well mastered the execution takes care of itself because it is entirely embedded into the produced ideas. What remains is the growability of the ideas which also take care of itself with sharp and well-mastered ideas. This is true for both normal business ideas and tech-enabled business ideas. As angel investors wanted to motivate entrepreneurs to execute faster for them to get their return faster the tech entrepreneurial ecosystem produced the idea of execution being more important than idea generation and thinking which is completely wrong. Shaping ideas is more important than executing them as they came to us. This entrepreneurial ecosystem ended implementing the idea of shaping ideas through execution by the mean of lean methodology but a lot of the things that actual startups entrepreneur are spending time to test because of this methodology are here online with the right answer. What the entrepreneurs need is to know is the sources of ideas and information and the methods for getting the answer by thinking and analyzing them and trying to guess the future states.

I think that entrepreneurship is more about thinking than it is about doing and how industrialized our society is and how it will more and more be industrialized is just telling us that fewer and fewer things will be done by humans but most of the things that will be done will be almost always thought by a human.

This goes with the same vein that this idea that devaluated the importance of good theories before established practices. Like what highlighted the Defunct Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, it is crazy how our level of execution is improved by our luck and or effort to have a good theory about the thing we work on. The business environment happens to be this space where I think that ideas are most important and I am struggling because no one seems to care about ideas anymore like all of them were already produced. If this is the case why are we struggling again to find the solutions to our problems? is it because of our lack of resources for executing or our indifference to ideas generation. If we look at all the options for doing and their prices it is obvious that we are defaulting in producing good ideas not in doing.

Getting people involved, engaged, and benefiting is the next step of an idea and this also should take care of itself if the idea is sharp and well mastered. Like if I was telling you that If the idea is good everything takes care of itself and That’s exactly what I was willing to say and that’s what I believe to be true and that’s why I set myself into the tech-enabled ideas generation business.

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