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Children Killed by Big Bang

Among the most essential ethereal human necessities is purpose, giving reason to living because without purpose, life pales and becomes uninteresting. The Big Bang Theory, which we teach to our children, reduces creation into a purposeless exercise in futility where Earth, the bastion of logic is surrounded by an infinitude of chaos. The Big Bang Theory is ultimately responsible for poisoning the minds of man to think, life happens spontaneously. Those with insufficient mental capacity or those traumatized by events during life are the first to fall into the lie that logic derives out of chaos, a justification for errant acts of violence.

This monstrous idea that something incoherent could come out of nothing and given enough time eventually evolve into something ultimately bringing forth a cogent human being is the real provocateur for pointless acts of violence. If the source of life is chaos then life has no purpose; if life has no purpose then actions are reduced down to pragmatics — incubating violence, eventually playing out the mayhem of life by taking the life of others. But, to strike against children is the paradigm of brutality; to kill innocence is to strike against God — but, free will has no limit.

The term Big Bang, a jargon coined by scientists for: we have no idea what happened to begin the universe — has been redefined to mean, Life just happens. This is also the justification for the existence of aliens. Surmising scientists insist: if life happened once here on Earth, then there must be other similar happening somewhere else in the universe. Their theory is tied to their fundamental concept, life just happens. Evolution is an equally dangerous concept deriving man from animal. Because we have bodies, we also have an animal part of the soul. Evolution disregards the human part of the soul.

The inference and ramification of the absurdity, life just happens, perpetuates violence for no reason, particularly against children. These most pessimistic views of life, the Big Bang Theory and Evolution are put forth and perpetuated by the exploiters of our world bent on enslaving and taking power. Our constantly troubled world is a direct result from the nocuous pitifully weak theories trying to define creation. Nothing comes out of nothing, everybody knows that, yet we teach our children this preposterous pernicious lie for the sake of expediency, quelling the curious child mind with senseless blather.

Religion is no better, propagating dogmatic doctrines superseding the Laws of Nature and disregarding direct dictates from the Creator. Both religion and science have failed to adequately explain the purpose of creation. Without purpose, life has no meaning. If creation has no purpose then each person is ultimately cast in the shadow of the Big Bang, spontaneously happening for no reason. This injustice stripping the human being of dignity is pervasive throughout the globe. Those who envision themselves as masters, find these theories advantageous, oiling the social machinery with lies while striking at the very essence of creation, the human specie has been irrevocably weakened.

The reason why the Big Bang Theory, where something comes out of nothing, is so widely accepted is because there is no alternative theory other than religious fantasies taking place in spiritual worlds. God is not spiritual; God created the spiritual along with the physical — God is unique in creation able to be everywhere to everyone all the time. The Big Bang Theory originated by scientists who are only able to measure four percent of the universe, have concluded, something chaotic in the beginning gave birth to a universe somehow operating on common scientific laws. Science is important for the facts they uncover but not for the theories they suggest.

The why, when and how creation came into being are questions with primordial answers substantiated by scientific evidence consistent with ancient books. Truth harbors no contradictions because the physical and spiritual are mirrored worlds, inseparable as day and night. The Big Bang Theory is the height of arrogance, refuting the wisdom of the past with their bellicose proclamation that something came out of nothing. If something came out of nothing, then grown men can indiscriminately kill little children.

This scientific exclamation, We don’t know (The Big Bang Theory) got turned into a narrative to appease the people with malicious lies rendering a global impotency by castrating purpose from man. Replaced by a manufactured madness fueled by the Big Bang Theory, this fabricated pointless identity levied upon man has resulted in a slave mentality where only the fittest survive. Their only hedge against the curse of the Big Bang is more money and power. Though there is no proof to their theories, there is circumstantial evidence that indeed something happened to begin creation but God does not fit into an equation.

The Truth is, nothing came out of something; instead of being lost in the vast chaos of disorder — we are instead intrinsically and continually connected to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Only the Big Bang Theory stands in our way to realizing our full human potential. Lies create errant perceptions and drunken ambitions. The only antidote to the lie is the Truth; Truth is not subjective — Truth is what we know, not what we believe. The most essential Truth, the place from where all Truth emanates is the knowledge that the Creator created and continues to create creation.

While the authorities seek the solution to mass shootings, particularly the cruel killing of children, society should reexamine how life is being portrayed to our youth through errant theories and dogmatic doctrines deleterious to the soul. Children understand what is simple and in this way teachers learn from their students. Our world, different from the rest of the universe, was originally a stone taken from the beneath the Throne of Glory then placed in our solar system to be the tenth planet, the lowest place in creation animated with physical life everywhere throughout the globe.

Each human being replete with free choice is essential to creation, so God can be known in low, the original impetus for creation. The purpose of each human being is to be in a personal relationship with the Creator. Whether through words or actions invoked through fear or love, the knowledge of God is unique to each. The ultimate question is, God knows us but do we know God?

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