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Could Cars of the Future Become Criminals?

Perhaps Crime Will Get an Upgrade

As I mentioned in my previous post, I brought up questions over the possible future of stunt cars in Hollywood.

I also mentioned how future vehicles could evolve into human-like independence thanks to their self-driving capabilities, and inevitable sentience through A.I., of which they’d come equipped with, becoming the K.I.T.Ts and Herbie the Love Bugs of the time ahead.

Well, another thought came to mind afterward. What will happen to cars outside of show business once they gain this full independence?

Will some end up psychopathic? (I would hope not). If so, are we going to see some cars turning to crime, themselves?

(L) K.A.R.R (original 1980s Knight Rider T.V. Show); Horace the Hate Bug (R)

Hopefully this won’t actually end up coming to pass, as the very idea of seeing cars go on trial for any crime could be equally horrifying to imagine. Also, the last thing we need is a K.A.R.R, or a Horace the Hate Bug or….worst of all…

If this did become a reality, I’d also have to question if this would bring new meaning to several particular crimes, such as: vehicular theft, assault, manslaughter, or homicide to name a few.

On that note: what should the consequences be if that ends up being the case?

  • Would attaching car boots be the vehicular equivalent to handcuffs?
  • Where would these cars go to serve out life sentences? Junkyards?
  • If given a death sentence, would getting crushed at a junkyard be the vehicular equivalent to being given a lethal injection?

As I said before, I hope this kind of reality won’t actually end up happening, but with the progress in self-driving cars as it stands, and continually learning A.I.s, it may at the very least become a increasingly strong possibility.

What do you think the future of cars could generally be like? And if they were commit crimes, what would some other consequences be? Or do you think that this possible reality will never happen? Only time will tell.

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