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Covid: the Syphilis of the Elite

Covid events have divided the world into irreconcilable camps. Trying to preserve the opposite camp’s right to reasonableness, I’m most interested in why the panic was not proportional to the threat from the beginning.

Leftist propagandists say that the value of life in this age has increased so much that everyone is shitting in their pants out of fear. I don’t believe it. Doesn’t fit with my life observations. Western armies are killing all over the world just as they did 60 years ago. Since 1945, the U.S. has unleashed more than two hundred wars and armed conflicts around the world. This process has never been slowed down.

Conservatives say it’s the effect of propaganda ordered by neo-Malthusians (simply put, those who want to reduce the world’s population by a factor of 10). This is only part of the truth: No one can plan that well; there are some natural contours of positive feedback in the process.

I have a hypothesis. It is based solely on personal observations; no use of statistics, which are demonstrably false.

European societies consist of two strongly divided strata. Ordinary independent people are the majority. Unlike the U.S. we have almost no beggars or homeless people, but the income in this stratum can differ 10–20 times, because the region is very large, and different provinces have different logistics and different prices. However, the commonality of the cultural code is evident.

I have hundreds of contacts among ordinary people. Not a single dangerous case of disease, not a single death, nothing. Practically zero interest in the subject.

The other stratum is the elites and their direct attendants (both intellectual and technical). The latter includes quite a few people. Among the elite, it’s a mess. Fear. Deaths. Endless talks about that damned Covid.

Where does this difference come from? (If you don’t see it immediately in your country, take a closer look at your society in light of the logic I give below.)

People from different walks of life don’t communicate much. In many countries, ordinary people hardly ever travel abroad. But it’s been two years, and the difference should have leveled off. So it doesn’t explain. Maybe because the common people smoke more, and this paradoxically gives some protection? Maybe as one factor. But not the main one.
Maybe because there are a lot of old men among the elite who have already long outlived their allotted time? It’s quite likely true.

But the main factor is probably the following.

Since ancient times in Indo-European cultures, people were divided into four castes: priests, warrior-aristocrats, merchants, and the mob. Characteristically, reproduction occurred for the most part within the castes. Of course, there was intermingling, especially in recent centuries, but in terms of the number of generations, those who were born “into pure lineage” were in the vast majority. Even today, in any European country, I can estimate with a good degree of probability who has what ancestry. Just by looking at the face and the way a person moves. This is especially true of the two upper castes, where the closed nature of reproduction has long been adjacent to incest. Even if I am right only a third of the time; this is far from random. The situation is somewhat different in the New World since there has been an irregular influx of slaves and fugitive outlaws from the lower castes.

What can be seen by the eye has DNA markers as well. And they can be targeted. At least such a scientific possibility exists, and even a rumor about it, let loose among the higher elite, could cause disproportionate fear. Especially since there have been periods in history when each one of the four castes was purposely slaughtered.

Fear (even if ungrounded) breeds inadequate assessment of the situation and a new fear. Seeing this state of affairs, unscrupulous medical bureaucrats took advantage of the situation and created conditions in which it became profitable for clinics and doctors to continue fanning the panic. This is not surprising. What is surprising is the primal fear of the higher political powers who, at the beginning of 2020, so amicably let their economies be slaughtered, at a time when they certainly had no real basis for it yet.

Jethro Tull has released a music video for the track “The Zealot Gene,” the title song from their first album in 18 years. The record will be released on January 28. The track offers many allusions: a radical, politically charged world, divided peoples, extreme views, the fire of hatred and prejudice.


We have been asked more than once why we do not always back up our words and even numerical statements with references, and do not sufficiently argue our often shocking statements. Why are we so unapologetic, while offering a quite practical framework for development?

The short answer is: When in Rome do as the Romans do.

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