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Oct 15, 2018 · 6 min read

The year is 2025. There are driverless cars everywhere, paper has been completely eradicated, and oh yeah, crypto is no longer the future of finance anymore…it’s the only way to do finance now. Have you ever imagined or even thought about how things will be five or more years from now? Well, we’d like to think that we have a pretty good idea of what it will look like, especially with the recent emergence of crypto. So what will the world of crypto look like in 2025? Let’s find out…

This is not intended as financial investment advice.
This fun article will discuss potential futures of the world with crypto.

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A Paperless World

In just a mere seven years, paper will be completely obsolete. That’s right, everything from small payments to hefty bills will be paid through cryptocurrency, but that’s not all. You won’t be able to pay for anything with Apple or Samsung Pay, but instead with CryptoPay. CryptoPay will be the newest and easiest way for you to pay for your everyday needs, all done through just the blink of an eye. That’s right, CryptoPay will be installed into your eyes through a contact lens that allows you to blink a specific number of times — which you get to decide — to execute a payment.

What else does it mean to be in a paperless world? Well, you can expect anything that is carried out through paper to warrant special actions. Let’s say you’re at a store and you want to use paper money to purchase an item, then you would have to wait in a separate and much slower line for those who have not adopted and do not use cryptocurrency for any reason. Crypto will become so common that anyone who is anyone will be using it, so get ready to stop wasting your time sifting through your wallet for that specific bill you need.

Even in places where public transit is required to get around, you can expect to make the payment using cryptocurrency since that is now the easiest and most efficient way to pay for your goods and services. In fact, if you pay with Ethereum, you can also expect to get a few perks with that including no extra fees, no tax, and even free delivery when purchasing something from an online store.

Gender Gap Shrinking

One of the most apparent issues with cryptocurrency today is that the industry is dominated by men. As with any other industry today, men are more likely to be working most of the jobs within the space, but we’re extremely glad that this will also be changing in just a few more years. As the industry continues to grow, you can expect more women to take leading roles across blockchain companies.

Some of the top crypto analysts and figures at the time will be women. Currently, the space is dominated by men but in 10 years, women will be dominating the industry as well. Millennials will be the people in charge now, along with the newer generations of people raised and grown up alongside the rise of crypto. Imagine a bunch of hipsters who also happen to be crypto experts in an industry that is equally dominated by both men and women: welcome to the year 2025.

Crypto Millionaires

If you are currently investing a good amount of your money into cryptocurrency, then this next kind of person might actually end up being you. The next wave of extremely wealthy people in society will largely consist of crypto enthusiasts who chose to believe in its potential today. Although some might argue that we are currently sitting through a “Crypto Winter” where prices are only getting lower, the future seems much more bright.

In 2025, the world will be filled with driverless cars and planes, fully digital interfaces for pretty much everything, and over the top lavish lifestyles for the elite. So who makes up this class of extremely fortunate people: crypto investors. Since the market is at its all time high by 2025, we’ll see a good amount of people rising through the ranks and becoming crypto millionaires. Today’s crypto traders will be the elite of tomorrow.

Government Issued Cryptos

Since paper is pretty much obsolete at this point, national governments across the world have engaged in somewhat of an arms race for who can create the best national cryptocurrency that dominates the market like Bitcoin is currently doing. Instead of just having giants like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple comprise the top coins, national cryptocurrencies will now also be in the race for who holds the most power across the market.

For those of you who were expecting the infamous Petro to make a return, you are unfortunately quite wrong. Trump’s persistence to bar all trade with Venezuela will destroy the Petro and allow for other nations to step into the spotlight and take the stage by storm with their own cryptocurrency. Given the current attitude towards adopting national cryptocurrencies, we’ll be seeing a quick change of heart as soon as the market takes off in a few years.

Also, not having any paper might have something to do with it. Imagine a cryptocurrency market where the top coins are not only fighting for market dominance, but also national pride. Rivalries between nations will be even more intensified now that most of them have their own cryptocurrency to go along with it. It’s just a matter of time until we start seeing the rise of nationally-backed cryptocurrency.

Future of Crypto

So what can we expect to see in the world of crypto beyond 2025? Afterall, the world has completely gotten rid of paper and anyone with cryptocurrency can make payments in just a matter of seconds, so what’s next? The future past 2025 for cryptocurrency could be filled with tons of potential outcomes. Maybe Bitcoin will no longer be the top currency, maybe a NEW cryptocurrency will take over, and maybe the rules and legislation surrounding crypto will change significantly. We can only wait and see.

Remember, crypto is still like a baby in terms of its lifespan, so we can’t expect too many changes to occur so soon. But maybe fifteen, twenty, or even fifty years down the line, cryptocurrency will take on an entirely new role in terms of how its used across the world. We might see cryptocurrency completely overtake other forms of payment and legitimize itself as the next big thing since the internet. Remember, time will only tell the truth as cryptocurrency could very well fail completely as well. All we can do is wait and set ourselves up to potentially become the crypto millionaires of tomorrow.



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