Decentralization — the future trend of work and life balance

How to balance work and life? This is actually a pseudo-proposition.

The paradox of current organization and employees’ relationship

In the current version of company-employees relationship, it has been sticks in a pattern — Minority of people think and make the decision, majority of us execute.(it might be different in some quick- grow companies) However, employers would expect their employees treat the business like themselves. How could I feel the ownership if I don’t make the call?

So does it mean the truth is often held in the hands of few? Probably not, however, it might be best pattern under current production mechanism. It needs division of labor cooperation to achieve the efficiency. In this case many of us has been “materialized” and “desouled”(forgive me for inventing this word :) ). The reason? Because we don’t need too many people to make the call, it won’t lead to the prosperity of society and the living environment. We need more people to execute. Some of us might live a life for work without being aware of it, because anyone else does the same way.

The what would be different in the future?

As the technology increases rapidly and it will be, much of the human labored work has already replaced by machines, and they can even help us with some less creative thinking work, such as calculation, data analysis and etc. In which case, predictably, the future generations probably don’t need to work 40 hours per week to survive.

So what it will look like? In average, we probably only need to work 30 hours or even less, which means we leave more spare time for ourselves. To build up relationships with others, and even a new relationship would appear — machine and us. Not like today’s machines work for us, it more like we collaborate with each other, a sort of mutual dependency. In that time, a new attitude would arise — humanizing anything surround us. See the difference? At current time, human are even materialized under market economics.

So what’s the opportunity in the future?

Creativity would be valued more, we will be willing to wait something truly inspire us. We will be more patient for good ideas coming visit us. As we will have more spare time, it’s a great ground to nourish creativity — as it has been proven, constant work doesn’t necessarily make a positive impact on high productivity. Creativity leads to variety and fruitful color of our life, therefore, truth will not be held in the hands of few any more. Because the standard and definition of truth would be open and various, everyone would have chance to develop and play for themselves. You own interests will be paid attention to , your own skill based on your interest will lead you to your own career, not for working for anyone else. As of so, the mindset will be shifted from gaining a good job to becoming your own boss, and you will be able to plant and nourish yourself like a real human-kind in the professional life. Probably by that time, you won’t be asking how to balance work and life. By asking this question, you are actually materializing yourself under the market, and tagging yourself with specific price. That is “the need of balance” coming from, because we lack of the sense and feeling of being treated like a human deep inside. But it will be quite different in the future, the work will be merge into your life in a positive way without noticing it. Your interest is your work. Your work shapes your life. Your life supports and inspire your interest. Furthermore, you will value yourself as a real person in your “professional” life.

Someone might question..

If everyone works for themselves…

— What about the employment rate?
— is the society still going to function well?
— Is society going to keep stable as it should be?

Those are all good questions. Employment relationship is the derivative of exchange and division of labor cooperation. In the future, everyone works for others based on their own interest but not their employers’. Therefore, there is not going to be a fine line between employers and employees. So stability of the society is not positive corralled to employment rate, but contribution to the society. We, everyone of us would make our own call and act as a company to paint the future. We can see,the true ownership will come back and it will not just be a slogan anymore. By far the decentralization of huge companies will have been completed. We are all founders of our own”companies”.

So what will the opportunity look like in a practical sense?

As ourselves — the true individualism will be stressed, and because hummanbeing is a relationship oriented creature, we would constantly think about the relationship us between others. As everything will be humanized(including Inanimate objects) in some extent, the interaction between human and the world will be more will fill all your sense of creative.

Are you ready to boost your true soul to become a unique you and a real person?

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