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Europe’s Wise Suicide

Looking at the apotheosis of madness in European politics lately, it seems that Europe has decided to destroy itself as quickly as possible.

The Russian embargo is killing the EU industry and triggering a cascade of other mega-crises. Years of attempts to get rid of dependence on energy imports with “green energy” bring nothing but smiles, especially when you consider the widespread closure of nuclear power plants.

Of course, Europe has always been pushed to do this by the United States. What does the United States want from Europe? Probably as much capital flight over the ocean as possible, which would largely make the hegemon’s foreign debt a domestic problem. With the subsequent elimination of liabilities without deadly international conflicts.

The most popular idea now is that Europe has become so subservient to the United States that it has lost its instinct for self-preservation. But is this true?

Since the 1830s, mankind has begun to dramatically increase energy production, labor productivity, and general prosperity. We entered a new period with a population of about 1.3 billion people. It is now 8 billion.

At the beginning of this period, every person’s contribution was necessary for development, but today only one in ten people is involved in the production of something humanity needs. Ninety percent of the population are superfluous, meaningless people.

This ballast of the population doesn’t even engage in art and science. Rap music today is not a Viennese waltz. String theory is an ugly and useless monster compared to Maxwell’s system of equations. It’s the same in philosophy, painting, and theater.

The problem was noticed about 60 years ago. Since the 1970s, the globalist elite has been pursuing a multi-vector program to counter population growth. Here are its stages:

— emancipation as working women think less about procreation
— debt bondage through the imposition of hyper-consumption
— cultivation of LGBT so that fewer children are born
— perpetuating perversion in future generations by transferring children to LGBT “families.”
— other childfree narratives

These approaches have not solved the problem, and in Third World countries, where the majority live, have not worked at all.

Therefore, Winter is coming, and shock artillery is being used: covid, military conflicts, mass starvation, riots, a new round of epidemics.

The result of Winter is going to be the almost total closure of borders between countries and an order of magnitude reduction in foreign trade.

The current situation in Europe looks deplorable:

— the peasantry is small and depressed
— resource endowment is below subsistence level
— high dependence on imported fertilizers and raw materials for their production
— inability to militarily defend themselves without U.S. help
— high potential for internal civil unrest because of the high proportion of recent migrants

But things do not look so bad for many influential people in Europe. The European elite is divided into two parts:

The old aristocracy. These people trace their history back to the first conquerors (“royal blood”).

The “nouveau riche,” who made their capitals after World War II with the advent of the domination of the financial economy.

There can be no friendship between the two.

The main capital of the old aristocracy is the right to land. You can’t move land across the ocean.

The pro-American lobby, on the other hand, consists exclusively of the nouveau riche, so their money flees across the ocean (only to perish in a campaign to eliminate debt).

For the old aristocracy, industry and the current population density in Europe is not a boon, but a problem. European industry is strategically uncompetitive with the current rise in energy prices and high expected wages.

Hence the strange, at first glance, but rather an effective strategy:

— de-industrialization of Europe;
— environmentally neutral agriculture;
— new feudalism as a model of governance;
— the development of elite mini-productions of consumer goods and services based on highly professional manual labor;
— preservation and exploitation of cultural heritage for domestic consumption and elitist tourism (mass tourism is dead).



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