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Evil is Internet

As you study the damage done to fighter planes and bombers returning from missions, you must reinforce the parts with the fewest bullet holes, because downed planes never return to base (survivorship bias).

A similar paradox occurs with the dark ages in history. Those past years, decades and centuries, about which we know the least, were not dark at all, but the happiest for the people living then. As the poet said, the happy ones don’t watch the hours — a society in harmony does not keep victorious annals ordered by politicians.

James C. Scott, in his book with the witty pun title Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States, takes this point much further. In this age of political correctness, the author is rather cautious in his conclusions, but the material provided in his book allows the independent researcher to conclude that the widespread use of writing is a sign of widespread violence and degradation, not of progress.

The same effect is observed in many spheres. The more people get free access to “express themselves,” the uglier the culture becomes. In just a couple of hundred years, humanity has degenerated from Tchaikovsky’s music to rap, from Turgenev’s literature to TikTok posts. Naturally, trivialization is actively used by the authorities to manipulate and reinforce unfreedom.

The popularization of communication destroys the connection between generations to the point of widespread alienation and outright hostility.

I personally witnessed a leading physicist of his day warn in the late 1980s that personal computers would become a colossal evil. And so it is.

Computing technology, specifically designed for scientific research, did its job just fine. There has not been a single fundamental breakthrough in science since the delivery of personal computers. Neural network training and genome research have done nothing but increase the concentration of power in the hands of a handful of scoundrels promoting depopulation through sodomy and opiate “pharmaceutics”. Supply chain efficiency is 1/4 of that in the 1970s, despite (thanks to, in fact) computerization.

The Internet is the new writing, driving us into another round of enslavement. Neo-Luddism won’t help. The only hope is for Russia, which has defied a world gone mad.



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