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From Vietnam to Afghanistan

I was on the ship, the USS Eldorado flagship to the Pacific fleet of the amphibious vessels that started the Vietnam War; we were briefed while underway to our mission — invade on the demarcation line dividing North and South Vietnam in the promotion of world peace. Twenty-four hours before the invasion, we received a message from the Pentagon beamed off the Moon, commanding us to take the soldiers readied for invasion to Saigon where America would wage a conventional war against the North. No one had ever won a conventional war against Vietnam, not the Chinese, not the French and not the Americans.

Vietnam raged for over ten years before abruptly ending in a last moment dash for the door, leaving the South to the mercy of their enemies in the North. This was also a twenty year event beginning in 1954 with the partitioning of the country as a barricade against communism. In the end, once left to their own cultural ways of determining their future, Vietnam quickly became a country respected in the family of nations. The war had countless victims, soldiers and civilians on both sides when America suddenly left. Seeing this same kind of retreat, now sixty years later, caring only for our own, has revealed a pattern of behavior which begs to be interpreted.

America fights wars, not to win but to promulgate more war. America has maintained a wartime economy for eighty years. Feeding our children to the War Machine for the military to crunch upon plus our hard earned money through taxes to finance war is the American way. In return, we are given rich people invested in war who buy the government with bribes and are already rising the specter of new wars. Arising from our paranoia is fear of other powers, like the one and a half billion Chinese that Americans are suppose to compete against to retain our singular super power status in the world, making sure American interests always come first.

America is an important and special nation because of our immigrant status, other than the native peoples, everyone else is an immigrant; peoples from all over the globe gather in a free America where each ethnic group is allowed space living together in peace — unity is what makes America great. Because of our melting pot mentality, America has become a little world where all cultures can find freedom of expression towards the goal to be more inclusive. War is the opposite; war thrives on division, augments misunderstandings — war divides then conquers.

The only people who win at war are the rich who fund war for profit. America overflows with guns because the American War Machine has their eyes on the future. A trillion dollars a year the American People give to War Machine and they want more for future wars, wars in outer space, wars against aliens or incoming meteors on possible collision course with the Earth. The sky is about to fall and we all need to take shelter but there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be safe because war and violence is everywhere. America is clearly to blame.

What a different world, if America gave kindness and compassion to countries in turmoil instead of perpetuating conflicts by selling the instruments of war cruelly inserted into a fragile populous. Every bullet has the imprint of every name from every American citizen meant to kill a person from one of the ethnic groups proudly comprising America. These wars have obviously been choreographed by people pulling the strings of power demanding our children and physical resources to fund and equip wars; but Americans are the mixture from all cultures — when we make war, we make war on ourselves.

How can Americans get free from America?

The answer is simple. The American constitution is a contract between the people and the government, likened to a marriage contract. The time has come for a divorce. The government can have their money and armaments but the power structure threaded throughout America can claim the housing by proclaiming eviction illegal. Once the onus to come up with rent or mortgage has been lifted from the people, there will be ample time to take care of the American People who have been subjugated for too long by an abusive governmental husband who cares only for the rich and the protected.

These wars happen because America has determined our type of governance is superior to all others without taking into consideration different cultures: Russians have for a thousand years been ruled by a strongman, the Tzar; China has forever been able to work together to make prosperity for all; Afghanistan has forever been tribal and Muslim. The whole Middle East was tribal, including the Jews, until Western civilization under the banner of Rome invaded. The Roman Empire living by sword decided to conquer the world, naming the planets after their false gods, fixing time according to their new monotheistic deity, the ways of Rome are full of lies, deceit and death.

When the soldier returns home from war to find the American lie lying in the streets; when the patriotic fervor is lessened by the smell of flagrant poverty assailing the senses — unable to understand how manipulation and lies caused war, the soldier lies down with the civilian on the cold concrete, confused, abused, misused descending into madness. We must divorce our government, house our people, care for our women, children and practice war no more. The time has come to reduce our instruments of war back to their basic metal and beat them into plowshares to feed the hungry.



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