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Fusion, finally!

~ read the reports from the University of Bologna ~

TL;DR — Everyone says “Well, I won’t believe anyone talking about COLD FUSION until an independent lab at a respected university verifies the claim.” Yup, got that. How does one of the oldest universities in Europe sound? Here is what they said: “Noting then that the total volume is 567cm3 = 0.563L and the total weight is about 250g it can be found that the energy density of the prototype seem to exceed the gravimetric and volumetric energy densities of known batteries” That is to say ‘this device is giving more power than anything we’ve got’. The University of Bologna scientist also explained: “The origin of the emitted power is unknown to the author of this report.” Maybe it’s time for some new physics?

Rossi and the Rest

For decades now, researchers have quietly amassed a rough map of a strange phenomenon: in metal lattices, or cracks, or in the midst of ultrasonic vibration, the barriers between atoms seem to vanish. Without much force at all, the particles merge and transmute into new elements. It’s ‘beyond science’, declared a hoax. And, yet…

A hoax must do certain things to succeed — the charlatan must keep their ‘method’ a secret, relying upon impressive words. Then, they must SELL many of the devices at once, to run-away with the cash. We’ve watched them do this many times, with all sorts of ‘remedies’ and ‘engines’. Most importantly, they are trying to get your cash, so they MUST sell it to you quick.

Compare that behavior of the charlatan to the researchers in the field of ‘cold fusion’ — Celani, Mizuno, Holmlid, Malove, Hagelstein, and even Fleishmann and Pons. They all detail their work — no obfuscations or secrecy. And, they all published repeatedly WITHOUT selling anything! A few of them have even died, without ever trying to swindle. How is that a hoax?!

We know now that it is not a hoax. Check the University of Bologna reports, here. As companies see fit, they’ll break their NDAs to display their use of the devices, ongoing for months already. I expect those announcements will happen after the domestic certification is completed.

It is worth remembering that Andrea Rossi, inventor of the device linked above, IS selling a product, AND he’s quite secretive. There is good reason to suspect that he is a charlatan. Until you consider who his customers are, and how they are going to pay for the device — he has said he’ll be selling large generators to industrial companies, on a monthly fee! (And industrial customers can come to his lab to review the devices in private. They are, already.)

A charlatan wouldn’t dare charge a monthly fee — they’d only collect the first month, before customers quit using it. None of these cold fusion characters really align with the hoax-argument. And the full story won’t need to wait much longer.

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