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Giraffes and Flamingos, A possible relationship

Giraffes and Flamingos

If you are not interested in the theory of evolution or have not some notions about it you could see this insightful youtube video about how some animals sleep without noticing the similarity of the way flamingos and giraffes sleep. Each of these two species orients its head in a similar position. But is how we sleep something that could show inheritance and sharing of origins, my naive opinion is yes but a scientific opinion could prove the opposite and this could be a very insightful scientific journey to try to see if there is common causation of how flamingo and giraffe sleep. I am personally way behind all these insightful ideas I got from my journey of learning something about the evolution theory and my two book projects about this topic are far behind schedule even if the theories and proofs on which these book projects are based are here clear in my mind and in some data that I have to collect and aggregate. Maybe the mathematical growth and demographic theories that I am dealing with now will help me fine-tune these two evolution theories about heart rate and the other about gravitation with a spotted relationship between them.

I don't know if you have spotted the point that I am trying to highlight to you. These two animals simply put their head on their back when they sleep. This similarity is maybe a clue about a relationship between them. It could be a stupid idea but I would never get it without knowing few about evolution theory and being interested in it. This is like if I was asking a question and asking a question is always something good to do. Being interested in several topics is something very good because of this effect of analogy and how our brain exploits it to ignite by itself new obvious ideas that were unknown to our consciousness.

I Apologize for being short I just thought that it was interesting to share this with and I said to myself that it has been a long time that I have said nothing about evolution theory and worked on these two book projects.

The Darwinian Heart by Book Dojo
The Darwinian Gravitation by Book Dojo

PS: I was almost forgetting to share it with you here is the youtube video

I learned that Owl’s babies have an amazing way of sleeping




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