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Girls With Nakeisha Washington

Because getting girls into tech matters for a better world

Photo of Nakeisha Washington CEO and Founder of Nyla Denae Enterprises

As I answered Laura Huang on Twitter… what I love about the internet is its ability to connect us with great people doing amazing works for people like me who care. Thanks to this ability of the internet I knew about Mbenda who lead me to know about Nakeisha Washington then I think I am not wrong when I say that the internet is a connections engine while being an aggregation of micro media populated by tribes who care about something. Mbenda and Nakeisha like me are part of these tribes who care about getting girls into tech by clearing their ways to the future organizations that will imagine, build and operate big tech-enabled ideas that will ease our future everyday life like those which innovated enough to ease people like me communicate with the world using the medium of writing and the internet as a vehicle for sharing.

When I was thinking and designing Kidtek the small school of geeks way before 2017, I knew nothing about Nakeisha Washington but I was sure that African girls and boys and even every kid of the world needed and still need an educational system driven by technology and centered on them. An educational system that will teach them the ability to understand, build and lead rather than running for scores and memorizing knowledge which is very likely to be somewhere online ready to be found by someone who is able to make a bing or google search and able to filter out the fakes from the goods.

Kidtek small school of geeks a back 2017 tech-enabled idea

Now in 2021, I am glad to know that people like Nakeisha Washington understood what I had understood but more than me they just cared enough to make turn this understanding into execution by building a company like Nyla Denae enterprises a tech-enabled venture that offers girls interactive maths, science, and reading curriculum for success in school and beyond and mainly for easing their path to STEM fields. Then there are those who succeed where we fail and I think that it is important to highlight those who succeed where we have failed because it’s part of learning from our failures to clearly identify them and see the great work they have achieved.

With creative and well-crafted programs and activities Nyla Denae STEMizes girls from 2 two 5 years old helping them be ready and have an edge that will help them be not only learners but also creators and leaders. There are facts and statistics that show that girls are performing better than boys in school but this doesn't mean that girls don't need reinforcement programs like those of Nyla Denae for increasing this head start that they already have. But of course, this world is not about comparison and competition among boys, girls, women, and men but rather about collaboration and contribution each gender exploiting at the maximum its specificities and strength for making works that matter for all genders. The greyio heart experiment is about that about contributing to this vision of a world where gender barriers are broken what doesn't mean that a boy could be a girls or a woman a man but every one of them could make a contribution that will push our world forward with an equal propensity and probability. All these words are about presenting you great people I think are worth spending time to know and see the work they do and Nakeisha Washington like Mbenda is part of them and I am almost sure that you also are then thank you for reading and for knowing about Nakeisha Washington and every other person that deserved an article of this experiment I am hardly trying to keep running week after week but I often run out of words like how I am right now then please forgive my lack of inspiration and thank you for reading.

Nakeisha Washington and STEM promising girl

PS: looking for a picture of Nakeisha Washington to put as a featured image, I remembered how that Google lens is really being smarter and smarter. it even can tell you where you can get the clothes that someone wears on a picture posted online what means that there creative tech-enabled solutions that could be built on top of it if Google makes it available as an API.

Using google to find photos of Nakeisha Washington

Also, it reminded me that building Scan cover should be easy

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