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Essential Resources for the Great Turning

Will Franks 🌊


“The point of all evolution up to this stage is the creation of a collective organism of Mind.”

– JP Barlow

“The Age of Nations is past.

It remains for us now,

if we do not wish to perish,

to set aside the ancient prejudices

and build the earth.”

– Teilhard de Chardin

So, here we are: evolving into a collective organism of mind. A collective consciousness operating not simply at the level of the family, or tribe, or bioregion, but the entire planet. This is an absolutely unprecedented moment in cosmic evolutionary history.

How many people are talking about this? Not many. (On all of Medium there are perhaps three or four of us writing about this).

How many are dedicating their lives to the success of this transition? Thousands if not millions of cultural and spiritual creatives around the world.

If you digest and metabolise the Global Awakening narrative, your life will never be same. I can guarantee that. It will put everything into perspective, all the madness and suffering and innovation of industrial (post-)modernity. Because now, it’s all going somewhere, it’s all building towards this quantum shift in baseline human consciousness: a collective awakening.

The more of us have this meme in our locker, the more of us can consciously live by a commitment to serving this outcome: the awakening – into freedom – of all humanity, and indeed all living beings in the Gaian biosphere.

That’s why I am collecting (and creating) resources to help us download this narrative, see it from different angles, and perhaps most importantly, to find our unique role and offering in this unprecedented age of global transition: the birth of the first ever globally integrated self-aware civilisation.

To begin with, we can start talking about it, sharing the idea, sharing these resources and generally promoting the value and potency of this meme (that a global awakening is in progress).

Here’s what I got so far (hit me up if you know of other gems):

Global Awakening Reading List


  • LSD and the Mind of the Universe by Chris Bache
  • Dark Night, Early Dawn by Chris Bache
  • Awakening Earth by Duane Elgin
  • The Global Brain and The Global Brain Awakens by Peter Russell
  • Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon (science fiction, involving the evolution of entire planetary systems into conscious “minded worlds”).
  • The Planetisation of Mankind by Teilhard de Chardin.


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