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How Can Morpheus Have an Impact on The Blockchain Industry?

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Blockchain, arguably the most talked about technology is the second half of the 2010s. By now, most people have heard of blockchain, and within those people, there are those whose lives have been affected by blockchain technology. Blockchain is here to stay and to help with that is Morpheus Labs who specialize in blockchain adoption for the mass market.

Attracting Attention

Any technology that creates efficiency draws attention. When money is involved, they even attract more attention. Now, a recent report released by NewsBTC suggests that the market value of blockchain technology will be well over US$ 28 billion by 2025. The projection has caused some potentially successful blockchain platforms to receive attention from various industry players as they assess the viability of the projected success. Morpheus Labs is among the blockchain companies that has been receiving much fanfare lately due to its distinctive service.

Morpheus Labs has been using the attention to their advantage. They have been going to industry players to formulate and cement partnerships that will strengthen their position in the blockchain market space. The partnerships are also meant to help them provide quality services to their clients. Morpheus Labs is strategically placing itself in the minds and mouths of industry players in the wake of the released financial projections of the blockchain industry.

What is also interesting about Morpheus Labs is that they have survived a phase where most start-ups were either quitting or outright failing. Some of the projects that had been undertaken by blockchain companies were too ambitious for the current technology in place; thus the projects died natural deaths. Other projects could not keep up with the financial demands of the industries while others just quit blockchain altogether. Embracing a new technology requires tenacity and grit that most companies may not have. Morpheus Labs has withstood the test of time and are moving forward steadily. It is such characteristics that leave industry players in awe of Morpheus Labs.

Architecture to-go

The life of the average person today may not even allow them to make a decent cup of coffee; thus most people pass through Starbucks or a local equivalent and get a selection of their choice. The orders are usually specified with each person knowing the amount of sugar, caffeine, cream and any additions that will satisfy their morning cravings. Each person has their preference with some ordering drinks that are mind-blowing. Some knowledge of coffee is required for one to order a cup that they know they will love. Borrowing a leaf from the analogy is the Morpheus Labs platform. It provides similar services to Starbucks, and other coffee shops do in terms of convenience. Morpheus specialized in creating blockchain convenience.

Adopting blockchain technology takes many resources. More often than not, institutions or enterprises will have to contract blockchain development teams to work on d’Apps that will meet the needs of their organization. Now, just engaging such companies requires resources in terms of time and money. Full implementation of the agreed contract will also result in time consumed and money spent on the project. With the current financial climate around the world, every single penny counts thus finding a way to save even one penny would make the venture worthwhile.

Morpheus Labs provide what can be termed as ‘blockchain architecture to-go.’ Morpheus Labs is the go-to platform for parties who may want to get decentralized applications or blockchain systems without necessarily having to contract a blockchain team to develop their desired application.

The platform hosts some different blockchain selections that clients can test out until they find their desired combination which can then be used to develop their application. The decentralized applications made via Morpheus Labs are fully functional providing similar services to what fully-fledged blockchain developing companies would produce.

Blockchain is an essential tool in various industries, and its importance is growing by the day as more uses of the technology are discovered. Having a platform that can quickly provide a ready-made architecture will help companies keep up with the latest trends in blockchain technology. Companies may, therefore, preserve their relevance in their respective industries by staying at par or ahead of their competitors.

The Significance of Morpheus on Blockchain

From the description given above, it can be concluded that adopting blockchain via Morpheus labs is simple. That is the primary goal of Morpheus, to make blockchain adoption as easy as possible for anyone who may require blockchain services.

Blockchain has received much negative press without reporters digging deeper into what blockchain can accomplish. Governments and various credible have shown a keen interest in blockchain technology adoption which shows just how highly the technology is regarded. The failures of over-ambitious startup and the fraud cases recorded may have caused a slow-down in blockchain adoption; however, Morpheus Labs may be the key to rekindle the blockchain flame that has died down.

Considering the hype that was there a few years back, the current low-level enthusiasm experienced in the blockchain space is no surprise. It takes a special kind of mettle to survive through the phases of emerging technology.

Now, blockchain’s success may lie in the hands of Morpheus in this way; Morpheus can make more people use blockchain technology thus revive the hype that was once around blockchain. With the ease of d’App creation on the Morpheus Labs platform, institutions from all calibers can easily have their decentralized application that can significantly improve their workflow and efficiency.

Moreover, as blockchain is becoming more understood by the greater majority, more people may want to employ it in their systems and network. Security and efficiency are crucial aspects of success in any industry. Blockchain can offer both quite effectively. Therefore, it will not come as a surprise if the niche Morpheus Labs fill is soon crowded with clients who require blockchain solutions for their enterprises.

Morpheus Labs is also working another angle that will see blockchain preserved well into the future and by safeguarding blockchain, Morpheus will have also protected themselves. Morpheus Labs is working with some universities to create more blockchain developers. The creation of more developers ensures a constant supply of innovation in blockchain tech and the development of decentralized applications. EMBA students and researchers from Tsinghua University and National Taiwan Normal University are among the students that are taking part in the venture. Such appropriate collaborations are what the blockchain industry requires to grow beyond its bubble.

Morpheus has taken its collaborations seriously. Neurochain tech, Vechain, and Quark chain are some of the partnerships that Morpheus Labs has taken part in. These partnerships are not only for the benefit of Morpheus but also for the benefit of the blockchain community. By creating partnerships that act as support to blockchain services Morpheus Labs shows its love and desire for the progress of the blockchain industry.

The MITx token

Blockchain applications cannot be discussed without mentioning tokens or the probable value that may arise from the purchase of tokens. Morpheus Labs has the MITx token as the medium of exchange for its services. Having a token is quite significant as Morpheus Labs is an international brand that will serve clients from all parts of the world. The hassle that arises from currency exchange can quickly be by-passed by the purchase of MITx tokens which can then be used to purchase products and pay for services offered in the Morpheus Labs platform. Convenience is still highly regarded by clients.

The CoinCheckup currently lists the value of MITx as $0.0080 as at the time of writing of this article. From a layman perspective, the value of MITx is extremely low, and given what it can do, it can even be categorized as undervalued. Morpheus Labs has an incredible product that should probably have a higher value; however, there are various factors at play that also influence the value of MITx. Prevailing conditions in the market and the perception of the public towards blockchain technology may affect the value of the token.

MITx suffers from the prevailing bearish market that has kept most tokens in the lower end of their potential. However, with time, there may be a possible rise in the value of these tokens especially MITx which is the native token of a promising platform.


The perfect platform is still non-existent. Morpheus still has much work to do if it plans to meet future demands. They have to keep their fire burning and their services interesting to influence their clients to keep returning for more. Morpheus Labs may soon face stiff competition if they do not remain innovative. Their technology can easily be copied by determined parties that may want to feed off the possible success of Morpheus Labs. The blockchain scene is filled with some such companies who would want to profit from the ideas of innovative entities.

There is still the need to have some prior programming knowledge while using the Morpheus Labs platform. The experience of programming will make it easier for companies to have a more tailored d’App. Some companies may shy away especially if they lack an IT department.


Just like a coffee shop, Morpheus Labs gives companies the blockchain fix that they long for. They have a platform that is well-built to take care of any request put in by clients. Morpheus Labs is the platform that most enterprises may soon realize they need. It is also the perfect platform for enterprises that are contemplating the implementation of blockchain in their services.

What Morpheus Labs offers is a cost-effective solution for all enterprises, minimal spending, and fairly reasonable output. Their services are flexible enough to meet the needs of most businesses. The Morpheus platform also can scale adequately depending on the demand that arises from the use of its platform. Users of the platform can also join or build their communities where they can exchange ideas and solutions on how to best improve or create a decentralized application on the platform.

On the Morpheus Labs platform, enterprises can test out the different blockchain parameters that are available to determine the best one that would easily meet their needs.

Morpheus Labs is currently undervalued considering what it has to offer. The value of the MITx can even increase ten-fold if all goes right with the execution of their roadmap. Currently, things seem to be working in favor of Morpheus Labs. Therefore, MITx as a possible investment tool may prove valuable shortly. The blockchain market may benefit from the potential increase in the value of MITx.

Morpheus Labs has the ingredients it takes to change the perception of blockchain across the globe and influence a massive adoption of blockchain technologies in small, mid-sized and even large corporations. Morpheus Labs may very well be the face of blockchain technology in years to come.

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