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How did dinosaurs go extinct from the earth?

Photo by Erik Larson on Unsplash

It is rare to think that someone who doesn’t know about the dinosaurs in his or her lifetime. But overall, you can find someone who already knows about the existence of dinosaurs. From our non-sanguine conviction, we can expect that the dinosaurs have extinct because of the outer space intervention. But in the reality, we not still know what is the genuine cause for the massive extinction from our planet. You never conclude that this enormous giant could not vanish immediately with an outer space influence.

Practically, if you have an observant mind, then you get that the mass extinction had occurred through a thousand years. It is the norm in nature is that nature destroys nothing instantly on a massive scale. Rather, you will get the evidence about the extinction at a slow and steady pace. When you will get into the core of the dinosaur's massive extinction, then you observe that a lot of factors have been involved with its downfall. You can describe these elements as gigantic size, irregular vegetation, outer space bombardment, gene mutation, inland deformation, irregular migration, irregular food habit, interbreed fighting, low reproduction and diverse metabolism. You see that the query about dinosaur extinction will be in the right direction.

Gigantic Size

If your body size is big, then you will have to face a lot of trouble physically and mentally. Hence, your existence will be unstable. With dinosaurs, the big size body gave them a unique disadvantage over the other animals. Therefore, dinosaurs got different physical and biological complication. Practically they never cope with their mammoth size with the unstable natural environment as well. It is one reason for the dinosaur's extinction 65 million years ago from this planet.

Irregular Vegetation

At the end of the Cretaceous period, the irregular vegetation at a particular region where most of the dinosaurs were living faced a tremendous shortage of plant for the abnormal behaviour of the natural environment and also earth’s abrupt plate tectonics movement.

Outer Space Bombardment

During the period of dinosaur ruling, the outer space assault was a regular event. But the intensity of the bombardment was irregular and abrupt as well. Therefore, asteroid and meteorites hitting on the earth make the situations more troublesome for the dinosaurs as well. Practically, the dinosaurs were very in trouble when the continuous low-intensity bombardment of the asteroid and comets deformed the earth’s atmosphere and its vegetation as well.

Gene Mutation

Over times, the dinosaurs faced gene mutation because of a constant change of the environment and habitat surrounding. Also, you observe that the dinosaurs could not protect themselves from the gene mutation immediately. The changing gene made the situation for the dinosaur more critical in the sense of the body immune system against outside attacks like virus, bacteria or parasites as well.

Land Deformation

During the dinosaur’s living period, the constant land formations made them more vulnerable to the land deformation effect. The reason is that continuous inclement atmosphere in the land architecture; the dinosaur gets trapped in its course in such a way that they could not move from one place to another place for their better adaptability. If you are more radical in your thinking, then you see that land deformation brought an enormous impact on their lifestyle as well. Due to the land deformation, the dinosaurs could not regularly migrate at all. Even you observe that irregular migration gave themselves more vulnerable to the sudden reverse of acclimatization. Therefore, it is one prime reason for the dinosaur's extinction from this planet.

Irregular Food Habit

The inadequate supply of food supply had compelled themselves to change their food habit over the times. It hampered their body immune system and constitution as well. Even they could be able to produce enough body nutrient according to their body need. So they immediately pushed forward towards their extinction as well.

Inter-breed Fighting

After all, you can say that the inter-breed intense fighting for food made them towards quick extinction. The reason is that when the food pyramid could not provide an equal food supply to all layers of the food chain of the dinosaurs, then immediately the food pyramid got collapsed and pushed the dinosaurs towards disappearance.

Low Reproduction Capability

One central point and essential element for the dinosaur's extinction is that they could not do sex properly for their massive body structure. The big stature dinosaurs were extinct much earlier than the short stature dinosaurs. Practically, big sized dinosaurs had a small reproductive rate than the short sized dinosaurs as well.

After all, you will come to the conclusion is that the dinosaurs never vanish from this planet with a single cause of outer space disturbance. Rather, they became extinct because of a series of different criteria that are responsible for.



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