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How Did the Great Civilization of Atlantis Fall?

Photo by Kev Costello on Unsplash

Since my journey to the world of history, the interest in the Atlantis civilization has increased over time. But, somehow I could not get the exact reasons for its vanishing event from the past without leaving any trace. The reason is that we don’t have any concrete evidence about the exact location of Atlantis and the information about its culture. Even, you will see that right now; we have a bunch of shallow assumptions which will never give us any chance to reach our conclusion. Rather, we are searching blindly through shallow convictions as well.


According to the Greek philosopher, Plato’s description of the location of Atlantis is that it was situated in the Atlantic Ocean or the lost continent of Kumari Kandam of the Indian coast also. According to my Quadri Points Intersection theory, it should be either in the Atlantic or the lost continent of Kumari Kandam on the Indian coast. Whatever may be its real place, it is true that the existence of the Atlantis is real and has historical importance also. Till today, the archaeologist could not find the exact location of the Atlantis due to the lack of definite evidence of its history.


There are a lot of theories about the destruction of the Atlantis regarding natural disasters. But, not a single one has real proof. The reason is that the full-proof evidence of the disaster is still elusive to the scientific community. But, in most cases, it is feasible that Tsunami is the main culprit for the destruction of the Atlantis. According to my observations, I come to the conclusion that not only a single catastrophe will destroy a highly sophisticated civilization like Atlantis with a particular natural calamity. Rather, I can say that it was happened due to a lot of simultaneous different disasters over the times. Therefore, it was fully vanished without giving any solid evidence of its existence.


The gene mutation or gene evolution over the times has propelled its destruction through its people’s gene. What happened is that the people of Atlantis at that time were infected with a lot of diseases relating to genetic deformation. So, they lost their immune system to the deadly unknown diseases of that time. Therefore, they could not fight against natural calamity and deadly diseases entirely. After that, they slowly have been withdrawn from the history page as well.

Time Frame

The destruction of the Atlantis civilization did not occur within a couple of hours. Rather, it has happened over the thousand years as well. But if you think that a highly sophisticated culture is disappeared from history within a short period of time, then you are wrong and it never happens anywhere.

Social Structure

It is true that culture lives on its social structure. If the social structure breaks up, then it will fall apart like a pack of playing cards. It is repeated over time when the social structure of Atlantis started to fall apart in a regular interval. It happened due to various reasons like irregular food production, discrimination in the distribution system, inadequate fight against disease and others.

Therefore, Atlantis was disappeared from the history page due to locational bias, various simultaneous natural calamities and gene mutation as well. But, sadly, we lost one of the finest civilizations from recent time as well.



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