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How to Repair Human Bones

Combining cutting-edge biology and engineering to make new human-like bones a reality

Image by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

The Regrowth Sponge: Current Approaches

Image by author. BMP-2 from the collagen sponge coerces unspecialized cells to become cells that form bones, thereby inducing bone formation.

The New Star of the Show: A Different Approach

Heparin (represented by a green square) is holding BMP-2 (represented by a blue circle) up so that BMP-2 can see out of the car window (like a booster seat). A speech bubble pointing at heparin says “Can you see out of the window?”
Image by author. Heparin “boosting” BMP-2!

Affinity-based biomaterials involve “[engineering] our materials to bind specifically yet reversibly to a number of different proteins of interest.”

But Do We Really Need This?

Images by Lena, modified by author. Example of knee joint replacement.



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