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Humanity’s victory, to which the Kremlin’s war with the globalists is leading

What is happening in the world seems inexplicable because politicians:
(a) plan for a much longer time frame than the average person;
(b) planning horizons vary by decades from subject to subject.

For example, the Kremlin’s current war with the Western leadership, which is going on on all fronts (armed confrontation, economic warfare, a claim to primacy in terms of justice), looks very strange:

The media often portrays EU leaders as fools. They put themselves in harm’s way by reducing energy imports from Russia. They talk about transitioning to green energy and at the same time mothballing coal-fired power plants. Particular fools sit in Germany, to which Putin essentially offered an exclusive economic alliance, liberation from 70 years of American occupation, and joint domination of Europe.

The following explanation is offered:
(1) EU leaders are agents of U.S. influence who are breaking up the EU in the interests of the Democratic Party, which now urgently needs an infusion of resources to keep the dollar pyramid and the U.S. itself from collapsing.
(2) German leaders cannot rely on Russia to the extent that they would clash with the White House, because Russia is full of internal U.S. agents of influence and its economy is run by liberal traitors.

In reality, Europe believes that the basis of Russia’s power was and remains only in energy resources. And since 2009 was the year of global peak production of conventional oil, they believe that Russia will soon weaken. Simply put, Europe considers itself a more durable thing than Russia.

This is a mistake. The Kremlin’s mind extends over a much longer period of time than that of European politicians. Russian politicians are much smarter. Not because the Russians are smarter than the Germans and the French, but because all Russian politicians went through a real life-or-death struggle in the 1990s, while the Europeans have not been trained for 70 years in real challenges. While Russian politicians were hardened in the blood bath of the post-perestroika reality, the Europeans were sitting under the umbrella of the Americans, who themselves had long ago relaxed and lost their grip.

First of all, Russia’s survival no longer depends on the sale of oil and gas. The Kremlin’s special operation to secretly restore Russia’s economy, carried out since 2005, is brilliant and will go down in all history books.

Second, the Kremlin is not at war with the formal West, which is concerned with elections, the economy, and other understandable things. The Kremlin is at war with globalists, who are not politicians in the usual sense of the word. Heck, they’re not even really people. And that’s where the Kremlin gets it wrong too, but more on that in PS.

So, by 2020 the peak of total energy production (coal + oil + gas + uranium) has been passed in all countries of the world, including the most important — China, the USA and Russia. Peak production of non-ferrous and rare metals, fish and timber has passed. There is a depletion of land and a shortage of fresh water.

Globalists think more long-term than the official U.S. or EU leadership. They are not focused only on power and money. They have that. They have had it for five hundred years.

The task of the globalists is to reduce the consumption of energy and resources in the world. This can only be done by reducing the population. Therefore, the population is reduced by all available means (including outright woke-ism madness), and those who remain are driven into an electronic concentration camp to reduce their consumption as well.

An obvious solution to an obvious problem.
Russia, on the other hand, is building a catechon, an alternative.
The logic of the Russians is Russia-centered and simple:

We’re not the ones who have multiplied like cockroaches. We are the ones with the lowest population density.
We are not the ones who have squandered all our resources.
We are not the ones who have stained ourselves for centuries with crimes in the colonies, earning the just silent hatred of all of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
We have no racial guilt.
We have no problem with our own women.
We have tried two approaches — socialism and capitalism — and therefore know more about this world than all of you, at least twice as much.

You can go and commit suicide, but we need to build a solid wall against your madness. We need to move your weapons away from our borders so that the air defense system has time to work and the soldiers can get up to their alarms, wash their faces and brush their teeth.
But we understand that you are still very strong, so we will act very slowly and carefully. And we know the fifth column you are feeding at our house by name. Everyone’s time will come.

So go fuck yourselves.

You don’t see it all in the media. No wonder.

The Kremlin’s target audience is about 1,000 people — leaders of the non-Western world. The Kremlin is not interested in the plebs, both local and foreign. By and large, nothing depends on them or their social networks. So while the West is busy creating short-lived media images, violating its own axioms of freedom of speech and inviolability of private property in front of the whole world, the Kremlin rigorously maintains the formal international and national legal order.

Russia has been bluntly deprived by the West of half of its state reserves? Well, in response, Russia, in a very civilized manner, offers Western companies exit scenarios if they want to leave.

Western puppets in Kiev torturing prisoners of war? Well OK, and Russia complies with all the relevant provisions of the Vienna Convention.

And in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Indonesia, Mali — everywhere — all the important decision-makers see this very well.

The U.S. is planning a simple and beautiful combination — to create the illusion of an impending Russian attack on Ukraine, to allegedly masterfully strangle and “intimidate” Russia, to impose additional sanctions on it — and to report on Joe Biden’s weighty foreign policy success? Okay, but reality came as a surprise: the Russians did not want to be silent extras and began to change the plot of the play as the play progressed.

The Western agenda is based not on analysis and understanding of genuine processes, but on propagandistic Western narratives, primitive in their motivation. The West has forgotten the old truth: If you look long into the abyss, the abyss will surely look back at you. If you long to scare Russia into attacking, it may indeed attack — it knows it will still be at fault — and then you will have to pay dearly.

At the first stage of the Ukrainian war, Moscow’s demands were limited and based on the presumption of preserving Ukrainian statehood and minimal losses on both sides. At the end of the first month of the confrontation, Moscow’s strategy changed and it was decided to take firm control of the entire territory of Ukraine, deprive it of its state, take the producing south and east for itself, and turn the economically useless west and north into a wild frontier.

One should not think that the change in strategy was easy for Russia. At the moment of transition to the second phase, Russia went over the edge. If, instead of the kindergarten impatience of the United States and Great Britain, they had not prevented Zelensky from signing the peace, the situation could easily have turned into Russia’s demise, since the compromise on Ukraine is not taken seriously by Russian society and therefore could have had disastrous consequences for the country.

At present, the second stage is nearing completion. The longer Kiev resists, the more regions will be torn away from it. By mid-autumn, the regions along the Odessa-Dnepropetrovsk-Chernihiv line will no longer be related to Ukraine, and it will become Little Russia (Malorissija).

So Russia is a catechon. All those who are not satisfied with the prospect of sitting in cold and hunger, and having their sons’ penises forcibly cut off at age 2, can move to Russia.

What will happen next?

The West will soon run out of weapons. Now even South Korea has gotten involved in production.

Russia will seize Spitsbergen and its waters, depriving Norway and England of gas.

Russia will sponsor the release of many terrible Anglo-Saxon truths, from the fake story of the Invincible Armada to manned missions to the moon. Russia will help France rehabilitate itself by showing the inferiority of England’s colonial policy compared to France. Russia will help the Germans get rid of the stupidity of guilt for the war by making obvious the Anglo-Saxon involvement in instigating and conducting both world wars.

Russia will take complete control of the Baltic Sea. The Danish straits would be occupied by Russia, like English Gibraltar in Spanish lands.

Russia will co-own Black Sea with Türkiye, leaving Romania and Bulgaria (not to mention Ukraine and Georgia) without a coastline. Greece, too, will not escape Turkish vengeance.

Similarly, Russia will share the Caspian Sea with Iran. Russia will help Iran take control of Iraq and destroy Israel.

Especially sad is the fate of the Russophobe morons in Poland and Lithuania.


But reality is “thinking” over an even longer horizon than the Kremlin and the globalists. By destroying Anglo-Saxon hegemony and their restraining control of science, Russia and China will unleash free competition in fundamental physics, which has been bribed for decades by the Soros structures and the like.

The result would be an inexhaustible source of energy, and all plans would collapse.


We have been asked more than once why we do not always back up our words and even numerical statements with references, and do not sufficiently argue our often shocking statements. Why are we so unapologetic, while offering a quite practical framework for development?

The short answer is: When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Expanded answer:



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