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I just saw the Future of Entertainment — and I liked it!

By Tim Frank Andersen, CEO — Liveshopper

The Abbatars on stage

After several years of lockdown, the urge to go to a concert with thousands of people has been huge, so obviously once it became possible again we all flocked to these kinds of events.

One of the more obscure possibilities currently is the opportunity to meet ABBA on stage — exactly as they looked 40 years ago. Made happen through intensive use of all kinds of new technologies in a special venue made specifically for this new category of digital holographic performances. The concert is called ABBA Voyage and it´s the first of its kind.

Admittedly, I was quite a skeptic. Would it feel real enough? Could you get people (3000 pr. concert) to show up? And to cheer and party when the performance is all virtual and digital? We had to go and check it out. What an experience! It was absolutely mindblowing.

Getting ready for the experience

Helped by a band of 16 musicians and choir singers physically present, super sound quality (the venue was designed for this concert only!) unimaginable lighting, and of course, a catalog of songs we all know, ABBA and Industrial Light and Magic has created something with the potential to revolutionize the entertainment Industry. I would go as long as to call it an iPhone moment for the performance industry.

There are times when you doubt whether ABBA really is physically present. People cheer, swing their arms, sing and dance as if it was the real deal. There is a 100% goosebump guarantee.

The musicians to the right are real, the rest is digital …

Without spoiling, too much of the experience I can tell you that you are well entertained! And if you are into new technologies, this is a must-go event.

It will never be the same as the real deal, but then again technology can give you something else and more. And it doesn´t have to, because this will not substitute real concerts, it will define a new category. It’s like taking a glimpse into the future metaverse where you get to be the best version of yourself and choose the age and looks that you prefer. And rest assured that the stars of the show will never have a bad evening. This doesn´t beat my best concert experiences but it easily surpasses all the mediocre ones.

Once this new format is invented, the possibilities are endless. Wouldn’t you like to attend an Elvis, Beatles, Frank Sinatra, or Prince Concert if it felt almost as real as the real thing?

Will bands like U2 and Rolling Stones or artists like Bruce Springsteen and Billie Eilish make sure to capture their best songs in VR so they can keep performing even when they’re not here anymore?

And will we get to experience new crazy mashups like when Lady Gaga performed with Tony Bennett?

Which possibilities will it provide to Keynote performers like Tony Robbins and Brené Brown?

The list of opportunities is long. Rumors say that ABBA and ILM have invested + 1 billion DKK in the project. I think it is well spent. If this is to be compared with the first iPhone think about where technology will take this during the next 10 years.

I just know for sure that last night I had a glimpse into the future of Entertainment. And I liked it.



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