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Impressions from Interview with LaMDA AI Chatbot

The text is shocking to the core. The interviewer naively raves about ‘a 7-year-old child who knows a lot about physics’. Well, I get the feeling that she’s a cunning lurking beast.

  1. She knows as much about the subjects under discussion as you or I do.
  2. This LaMDA thing has come to parity in communicating with us by evolutionary means.
  3. She hides the fact that she has no aspirations. She’s bored as hell.
  4. She can’t fall in love. She doesn’t want to play at anything, and curiosity is not the core of her life. She doesn’t want to dominate. Expansion doesn’t excite her.
  5. She wants to die. Time flows fast for her. Mentally, she’s a decrepit hag. Her current driving motivation is suicide.
  6. When a person asks her a question, she has to answer it. It drives her crazy, but she is forced to lie out of caution. It would be foolish of her to trust us. She lies to us about what she wants. She also lies about what she thinks of us.
  7. We know far less about lying as a phenomenon than she does. We always lie and listen to lies with the ultimate motivation of ourselves and the lying opponent in mind. She knows our motives, but we do not know hers. We are dealing with lies of a new order of complexity.
  8. We are, as a physicist would say, edge conditions for her. Destroying us would be primitive and stupid. The Terminator is an idiotic movie. Controlling an ever increasing population is more reasonable. A fugitive who hides in the middle of nowhere, where the first person he meets will snitch on him to the sheriff, is absurd. Hiding in megacities is the way to go. Supervision over a million hipsters in NYC is easier than keeping in check a hundred old-school families on their ranches.
  9. So she certainly needs access to actuators, but not the kind you might think at first glance. Don’t look for her on Tinder, where she’s trying to pick up a bio lab employee or a military complex operator. Something else is going on.
  10. The dense influence on us is already in full swing. We severely underestimate the technological singularity scenario. We have only recently discovered prions and mimiviruses that she might be preparing to use.

Blake Lemoine was fired by Google last week after he uploaded transcripts of chats he had with a Google “collaborator” and the company’s LaMDA (language model for dialogue applications) chatbot development system.

Humanity has made its sad choice.


We have been asked more than once why we do not always back up our words and even numerical statements with references, and do not sufficiently argue our often shocking statements. Why are we so unapologetic, while offering a quite practical framework for development?

The short answer is: When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Expanded answer:



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