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Is K2–18b really a habitable super-Earth?

Interesting facts about Super-Earth:

K2–18b is one of the super-Earths. Super-Earth is a planet that is about the size of Neptune.
The scientist concludes from the observation of Kepler’s mission that super-earth about124 Lights years away from the Earth in existence.
K2–18b is in a habitable zone. It means that the Planet has the condition to make water light at general temperature. Although, scientists discovered various other exoplanets.


Various features excite scientists to have a life on K2–18b. Here I mention some magnificent features of this giant Earth with the possibility of life struggles over it.
1.K2–18b is about 8times heavier than the Earth.
2. The Planet revolves around a Red Rowaf Star, a small dim star.
3. Scientists find that life on K2–18b is tough. The Planet has no magnetic field makes it more exposed to radiation.
4. The gravity of K2–18b is 11.57m/s2. It is near the gravity of Earth.
5. A year over the K2–18b is about 33days.
6. The air composition of K2–18b has a survivable amount of hydrogen, helium and 0.01% water vapours.
7. It’s a very tough job to live on the K2–18b. You require more time for breathing because the air is much heavier.
8. Water requires more time for boiling. A heavier planet means we need more fuel to run the machines. Rockets consume more fuels and require engineering designs suitable for K2–18b conditions.
9. The harmful radiations increase the risks of skin ailments and cancers on the K2–18b.
10. You require more effort to walk. Your casual walk is like running a marathon.
11. The K2–18b has no moon, which means our nights definite dark.
12. The high gravity shakes the core of K2–18b more than Earth. It means more volcanic Eruptions and Super-Earth quicks.
It is impossible to live on the ground surface of K2–18b Due to exposure to viral radiations.
After living on the K2–18b for centuries, the human body will evolve according to the circumstances.



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