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It’s All Coming Together

I wrote this four years ago but never hit publish.

That means it was nearly a decade ago that Ted Sarandos swaggered into the office of director David Fincher and placed $100 million on the table.

As Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Sarandos proposal would mean they would break with age-old industry tradition — forego a pilot for House of Cards and release all episodes at the same time. Fincher sealed the deal between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

The convergence of telecommunications, information technology, media and entertainment (otherwise known as TIME) is the most poignant example of disparate industries colliding. No company, in any industry, has been unaffected by the convergence of sectors amplified through digital innovation.

The upshot is that companies have been rethinking and redesigning how and where they create value. The complexities of operating in a volatile economy make it the biggest challenge for a company’s future — it’s what keeps CEOs up at night.

Same Office Different Vibe

The convergence of industries also means workers must stack their skills so as to stay relevant. We must be fluid —constantly developing their critical thinking, problem-solving chops, and creativity.

The new office will cater to hybridization (I’m sure you’ve heard the hybrid office being tossed around). At the core will be a hospitable space — psychological and geographical — to attain flow states in work. It may very well be the exact same office only kitted out in an entirely different fashion. And most importantly, with a much more flexible policy on if and when you even need to show up.

The office for creatives resembles the full-service luxury hotel. Its trendy spots tout perks to the tribes they hope to attract. And it’s working.

The shift is already apparent with a plethora of shared spaces around the globe catering to the creative class (think Soho House or any of its offspring). Even more trendy spots will tout perks to the tribes they hope to attract. And it will work.

For corporates, there are also souped-up places to convene and collaborate. Incorporating all the amenities of campus into commercial life — the proverbial office yields total work-life integration at a luxury standard. Everyone is on board from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

So What Now?

What are the smartest people at the world’s boldest organizations are practicing? This:

Operational Dexterity–designing operations and place of work for individuals and teams that are optimized for speed and flexibility.

A Human-Centred Approach–know-how to engage employees first so they can connect with one another and customers in meaningful and imaginative ways.

Relentless Ingenuity–applied creativity where taking risks is encouraged and failure is viewed as an opportunity to learn.

Convergence should be welcomed for its vitalizing qualities. More ideas can collide, disciplines intersect, and industries blend. Ted Sarandos and David Fincher did just this and If you’ll excuse me I have a show to watch.

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