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Mondays and Fridays

They marked the beginning and end of the workweek. No more.

Work-life balance. Work-life harmony. Work-life integration. Whatever you fancy calling it — it’s bullshit.

I should know because for a long time I believed I found that majestic equilibrium. But I was delusional.

For four years I researched, interviewed, read, wrote, and nerd-ed out about work. Namely looking to uncover the answer to the question, “What makes work a source of energy?”

I was obsessed, to say the least. And the book that I ended up writing, or that ended up writing me, became an instant bestseller in the, you guessed it, work-life balance category, Oh the irony!

What I’ve Discovered Since Then

For folks that work primarily with their brains and get paid to think (that’s you I imagine) — how we spend our time ‘out of the office’ is actually more important than how we spend our time when we are toiling away.

My new rituals (much like my daily ‘hit publish’ practice) involves a Monday morning walk and a Friday sunset to Saturday sunset unplugging. As I write this I cringe at the thought that I’ve become ‘one of those types’. But I can confess that it's really working for me, and my invitation is for you to try on what works for you in our new world of work.

OK, so I’m only one month into my new practice but the benefits are profound. I imagine the way I’m feeling approximates just ever so slightly what might ensue after a Vipassana retreat.

What I know is that being kind to yourself and making time and space for doing nothing, long walks, and forest bathing is not only good for you— it’s good for business.

Work and life are all mixed up like a taco salad and there is no reason why we can’t make every day a Friday.

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Jonas Altman

Jonas Altman

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