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My Quantify() function

My quantified writer Experience in Medium and Twitter

Quantify() is a function that runs in our brain and measures every kind of parameter for getting their actual values. Compare() could be this function that will take the output of this function Quantify() and it is very likely that Optimize() will be the next function that will get the results of Compare() before sending its output to the function Execute() which in turn will call the function Quantify() once it finishes its set of tasks. A loop that gets us running and thinking every day that we would simulate and emulate with computers if we are seeking to be quantified human-like how our industrial system is right now a set of processes interacting with each other and constantly screened in order to get the best of them in term of prices, profits, qualities, and quantities. The simplest scientific illustration of this systemic behavior is the PID-driven feedback system control whose schematic illustration is shown below

this kind of systemic behavior is what is used by the industrial complex which stands on measuring and optimizing. That’s the Toyota way of producing goods and services that we all use and this way has improved quality and productivity but isn't it another way that fits better this digitized world we are living in now?

Just asking myself a question before sharing with you some output of this function Quantify() about my writing experience in Medium and my user experience in Twitter. I don't know if measuring our social network activities and writing experience could provide us signals for Optimization once the values are compared. It is always good to give a try, to test, and learn, this is the mantra that drives the experimental innovator and I am qualifying myself as one but don't know if I am really one. What we think we are is not so important but What is important is what others think we are because that’s what gonna define how they will interact with US. As I am not writing for me but for you to read and get something from it what you think about me and what you see is most important than what I think I am and how I see myself but here are some data about my writing experience in medium, I have published 615 articles of 2 to 6 minutes length. From August 23 to September 21 here is the growth of my total number of article

As I got this metric of my number of published articles, I was willing to know a bit about the number of views and reads of these articles. Once I got these two metrics through the Quantify() function I was presenting you I introduced the values into the Compare() function which leads me to this comparison chart below.

For Knowing the relationship between the number of views and the number of reads I configured the Compare() function to output this squatter plot below which highlights the linear relation between these two metrics.

the correlation factor between the total number of views and the total number of reads is 0.97 these two metrics are obviously highly positively correlated and you could see that it is the same for the daily number of views and the daily number of reads as seen in the R square of the trendline in red with the value of 0.833 what means that increasing the number of views will increase the number of reads but how to increase the number of views?

The number of views for a medium’s article is more in the hands of the medium’s recommendation algorithm that decides what article to show to each reader or search engines that decide the rank of a webpage for each search input. like if we internet users always need a Third-party big tech player who has the power to decide what will be our fate. Having a direct relationship with the one we care about is something crucial to liberty and freedom of choice as well as agility of doing because we are the ones who define the rules that our actions should follow. This was a brief thought about the state of the medium of the internet which was intended to be a communication tool that has been translated to an action tool like a hand or an actuator or one of the most advanced industrial machines.

If I plot the daily percentage of reads per view since august 23, 2021, you could see that there is a declinning trend because the percentage of reads keeps being lower day by day

For my Twitter profile, the number of visits shows the same trends because the number of Twitter users visiting my profile is declining since July 2021 after experiencing a huge growth from Jun 2021 to July 2021.

My Twitter profile experienced growth in terms of the number of visits because of this experiment called The Greyio Heart Experiment I started in … which is about writing articles about women software engineers in medium. Because almost all the great women I have written about have noticed and shared the tweet of the article I have written for them, my Twitter profile got more exposure but this exposure has not implied an increase in the number of my followers (that was not my goal).

You could see that in term of the number of tweets published per month, apart from June 2021 I have been published 40 tweets (40 articles on medium) on average since October 2020 then if my exposure in Medium increase it is not because of the number of tweets (articles) but because of this publishing experiment called the Greyio heart Experiment

you could see with the squatter chart below that there is not in my case a relation between the number of tweets (article in mediums) and the number of people visiting my Twitter profile.

This short analysis already highlighted to me that I should put more effort into writing about people because that’s what gives more exposure and I am doing this sincerely for purpose of contributing to the world. That’s this willingness to contribute that led me to chose the topic of women in tech because I think that more women in tech could only be more beneficial to the world and By doing this I am contributing to the promotion of diversity in tech and in other fields.

PS: Looking for a featured image for this post led me to discover the great works of with women like

doing works that matter for us to get more metrics that could let us optimize ourselves and get more results maybe with fewer and fewer resources. Then it’s is like this article is part o




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