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NASA is Hiring People To Live in Mars Simulation.

That’s true, NASA is looking for four applicants who can live in Mars simulation in a one-year program. This program is called “ Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog ”

The motive behind this program is to analyze human behavior in Mars-like situations. So scientists can study the challenges that might occur during future missions to the red planet. And Yes, NASA will pay you but the amount is not declared yet.

What are the requirements to apply for this position?

Nasa is looking for four crew members between the age of 30–55 years old US citizens or permanent residents who are non-smokers. Masters in STEM (MSc in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) also must have some experience in piloting an aircraft. There is also a layer of psych testing, medical evaluation, and physical fitness exams that an applicant has to pass.

But, How exactly will this happen?

So instead of going to outer space, this simulation will take place on Earth in a 3D printed model. This model is known as the Mars Dune Alpha printer by ICON.

This model will be a 1700 square foot structure that has similar conditions similar to the red planet. The model will include primate rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a workout room, and space to grow crops. This simulation will have the same challenges that a human can face on Mars such as resource limitation, equipment failure, communication delays, spacewalks, virtual reality, and robotics control, and other environmental stress.

Grace Douglas, the lead scientist for NASA’s Advanced Food Technology research effort at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, says the simulated mission will benefit future missions that go to Red planet.

“This is a rare and unique opportunity. The analog is critical for testing solutions to meet the complex needs of living on the Martian surface. Those selected will have a historic role in preparing humanity for the next giant leap in space”

Simulations on Earth will help us understand and counter the physical and mental challenges astronauts will face before they go,” Douglas says

NASA is planning three of these experiments, the first experiment will probably take place in fall 2022 and the other two will be in 2024 and 2025. Each mission will have four crew members every time.

This won’t be an easy task but if you are willing to apply you can click on the link given below.



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