Natural Longevity: Genetic Insights from Long-Lived Animals

Comparing the genomes of especially long-lived animals reveals genes potentially involved in longevity

Gunnar De Winter
May 8 · 3 min read
(Pixabay, TheDigitalArtist)

Animal Methuselahs

The patriarch Methuselah holds the longevity record for longest-living human featured in biblical stories with a whopping 969 years. (Although it might have been a mistranslation.)

Shared longevity

What if we extend the study of centenarians to include other mammals?

Evolutionary tree of mammals (Wikimedia commons, Graphodatsky, Alexander S; Trifonov, Vladimir A; Stanyon, Roscoe (2011). “The genome diversity and karyotype evolution of mammals”. Molecular Cytogenetics 4 (22).)
  • The insulin/IGF-1 pathway
  • Cancer progression


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