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Open letter to United Nations on how to avoid droughts and floods

Actions are needed from meteorologists, climatologists and farmers.

Climate change is a true problem. Models have been improving, but so far they could not explain why droughts or floods happen. The word “variability” has been a convenient term to use in order to explain these two extreme situations in scientific articles.

However, history shows clearly, droughts occur when there is no ungulate (hooved animal) movement and floods occur when there is too much ungulate movement. It is a natural phenomenon just like the Migration of ungulates in Africa. Most probably it has been evolved to control climate change in the past.

It is not clear how it works, but it works like swiss clocks. A research proposal was published here in medium to find out how it works. So far, it has been largely ignored. I have been trying unsuccessfully to use social platforms to convince people. For the moment, the hypothesis is considered as a heretical viewpoint.

Whatever the exact mechanism is, each ungulate mass movement in history like cavalries during wars, revolutions or more recent wild horse roundup programs like in the USA, bring rainfall in 21 days in summer times and snowfall in little more than 21 days in winter times.

Recently, I wrote an email to warn that there will be a flood if appropriate measurements are not taken. Apparently, I wrote it too late. Here is the unanswered letter:


What 4per1000 is doing is an answer to the Puzzle of Plutarch(45–120), who said “it is observed indeed that extraordinary rains generally fall after great battles”.

Why does it rain after battles? The cause is not the battles, but a grazing animal mass movement just like the Migration of ungulates (hooved mammals) in Nature. Apparently, it has evolved to regulate climate change in the past.

The mainstream scientists do not want to verify this hypothesis because it sounds ridiculous to them, and frankly, it sounds too simple to be true. However, it is actually proven by anomalous precipitation after every animal mass movement in history like during wars, revolutions, and more recently, feral horse and camel removal programs in Southwestern States of USA and Australia. It takes 22 days from the start of the movement to the start of the rainfall in a given region. That number appears again and again and it is guaranteed by Nature (no exaggeration).

I have been sending emails to professors from around the world since the beginning of 2021. I didn’t get any answer except from one professor from Australia who said it is a good idea. I have been trying to convince people in arid areas and deserts to conduct this relatively cheap experiment to stop drought and get rainfall. Droughts, heatwaves and wildfires would be stopped, sea levels would drop by 5 mm/year as it did in 2011, if we used it properly.

I am an amateur historian living in France. I also try to follow climate science. We used to have terrible heatwaves for the last several years. But in this year of 2021, something strange is happening with the weather here. Since the beginning of May, we have been enjoying rain-bearing clouds, which are bringing long-awaited fresh water and cooler than usual temperatures despite global warming.

Thanks to your initiative, we are experiencing agreeable, cooler-than-usual weather here in France. I don’t know where exactly in your planning you are with the agriculture transformation, but we have to pay extreme attention to the number of cattles since too many of them could bring floods of biblical proportions. Also, the same problem can happen if everybody will want to try it themselves once it is proved. The details of the phenomenon you can find here (

I think this issue has to be considered by the UN once the hypothesis is confirmed officially. In my opinion, a well-controlled global army of Eco-Cavalry would be a good solution to make it rain gradually and in a controllable manner.

I am wondering if you have data on the livestock movement like the number of cattle that started grazing in open fields, geolocalization and dates? The data comparison with the precipitation maps since the beginning of the year could reveal a clear correlation. A study has to be done on this issue in order to avoid future floods.

Best regards,

PS. Unfortunately, mainstream scientists do not have a clue how wind and rain processes actually work.
In 2007, Russian physicists proposed a new theory describing the mechanism behind the wind and rain processes and it started to be accepted by mainstream science in the last year or so. Their theory attempts to explain the wind and rain processes as the result of the so-called biotic pump of forests. In short, they claim that if there is no forest there will be no rain. However, their theory does not explain why precipitation happens, for example, in plains, steppes and savannas, and I am not mentioning arid areas. (,from%20areas%20with%20less%20condensation.)

PSS. I am not seeking any attention. I just want to be safe and happy with my family in the future.”

Unfortunately, they are not responding. But we don’t have time to waste. More lives can be saved if we know beforehand where was a cattle mass movement within the last 21 days.

A confirmation from involved farmers is needed for cattle mass movement dates:

  • The floods of 15th July are the most probable consequences of cattle mass movements on the 24th of June in West Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands (confirmation is needed)
  • The floods of 17th July in Bavaria, Germany are the most probable consequences of cattle movement on 27th of June in Bavaria. (confirmation is needed)
  • The floods of 18th July in Austria are the most probable consequences of cattle movement on 28th of June in Austria. (confirmation is needed)

A piece of advice to meteorologists: you can predict the weather by tracking all the ungulate movements.

Climatologists, how can you take this phenomenon into account in your climate models?

United Nations, please help to organize a service to make it rain regularly and gradually. The service would consist of a cavalry (can be called eco-cavalry).

The future looks bright if only we take seriously the knowledge from history.




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