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Our Planet: Adapt and Overcome

Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash.
A delayed effect modeled using a Causal Loop Diagram.

Because we can!

Too many, too much

Stuck in a sub-optimal status quo

Us versus our very own psychology

The others will do it as well

If only everyone would join in.

We are not zooming out

Driving home for Christmas — 220 km/h

More than one option

  1. We can save planet Earth.
  2. We will become extinct.
  3. We must emancipate ourselves from planet Earth.

We are the bad guys

Time is the enemy

A model to illustrate the concurring effects of the world population. You can see the delayed effects towards “Innovativeness of Humanity” and “Climate Change.”
Examples of we can extend the model by reinforcing and balancing effects.

A big solution?

The small things in life

The average perceived quality of life depending on how we adapt to our current challenges.


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