Preserving Human Heritage with Etherland’s Landmark Digitalization

In today’s world, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We often forget about the amazing landmarks and monuments that surround us, as well as the ones that have been lost over time. That’s why Etherland, a project that engages in preserving all data linked to real estate properties, has taken it upon itself to digitalize these landmarks and create a comprehensive database for them.

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But why is this important? Firstly, many of these landmarks have cultural and historical significance. By preserving information about them, we’re able to retain a piece of our collective history and culture. Secondly, many of these landmarks are at risk of being lost or forgotten. By digitalizing them, we’re able to ensure that they’re remembered and accessible for generations to come.

Etherland’s history-loving team has meticulously researched and compiled data about 303 landmarks worldwide. This includes famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and lesser-known natural wonders. For each of them, a short text description, quality HD pictures, and a UHD video tour are provided on their Estatepedia page. Of these landmarks, 50 have a long-form detailed description, which Historians wrote.

While initially focused on digitalizing these landmarks, Etherland has since expanded its scope to include real estate properties. However, the team is still committed to continuing their work with landmark preservation. In fact, they have two upcoming products that will further this mission: a mobile application featuring an AR exploration and an Unreal Engine Metaverse.

The mobile application will allow users to explore their surroundings and learn about nearby landmarks as they walk through a city. It’s a fun and interactive way to engage with the history that surrounds us. The Unreal Engine Metaverse, on the other hand, will bring forgotten landmarks back to life. Users will be able to explore and learn about these lost worlds in a virtual museum-like setting.

One particular category of landmarks that Etherland has focused on is their Lost Worlds collection. These are landmarks that have been destroyed, forgotten, or replaced by other buildings. By modeling them back in 3D through archives and drawings, Etherland is able to showcase them in the Unreal Engine Cultural Metaverse, bringing them back to life and allowing users to experience them firsthand.

Etherland’s commitment to preserving human heritage through landmark digitalization is commendable. By creating a comprehensive database of landmarks and making them accessible through technology, they’re ensuring that these cultural and historical treasures are never forgotten. Whether you’re a history buff or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of our world, Etherland’s work is there for you to enjoy.

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