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Rise of the Sexbots

Meet “Harmony”: the world’s first AI-driven sexbot created by RealDoll.

The World’s Oldest Dildo

While sexbots are a fairly new phenomenon, the existence of man-made sexual devices has been around for tens of thousands of years, beginning with the artificial phallus, the oldest of which was discovered in Germany in 2005.

The world’s oldest dildo was discovered in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Swabia in Germany (2005).

In the Shadow of the Uncanny Valley

Sexbots are increasingly complex technologies that combine advances in robotics and artificial intelligence. Currently, they are primitive but that is changing rapidly. The most advanced sexbot available on the market today is “Harmony”, created by RealDoll. Her lips move when she speaks. Her eyes blink. Her head tilts. It’s a bit freaky to watch and drops most people into a place referred to in robotics as the “uncanny valley”.

The quest for verisimilitude: traversing the “Uncanny Valley”

Hacking Our Limbic System

Once a technology is introduced into human culture, it changes the culture. Human culture is a system and like any system, when you change a variable, you change the input. Change the input and you change the output. That is the nature of systems. Sometimes these outputs are known and expected. Other times they are unknown and have secondary and tertiary impacts that were not expected.



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Scott Dewing

Scott Dewing is a technologist, teacher, and writer. He was born the same year the Internet was invented. This does not make him special— just old.