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Spitsbergen in World War III

The Russian ultimatum to the US was published in December 2021. After the last week’s face-to-face talks in Geneva, Brussels, and Vienna, it predictably remained without an adequate response.

The gist of the claims is as follows. When the USSR was divided between Western elites and the nomenklatura (the end of the Cold War was a secret political act, not a formal surrender), several agreements were reached.

The most important of these was the end to mutual military offensives. Russia, which had become a 100 percent military successor to the USSR, eliminated its bases in Europe and the world. It stopped round-the-clock patrols by submarines and aircraft carrying nuclear weapons around U.S. territory. In addition, Russia has ceased the constant smuggling of missiles, hidden under the guise of commercial containers, by rail.

The US, on the other hand, has been on the offensive since 1996, both outside and inside Russia’s borders, conducting constant subversive activities. Have you seen a single non-profit organization on U.S. soil openly promoting the Russian view of how Americans should live their lives? There have been hundreds of American structures in Russia. In addition, America has stationed new troops (including those armed with nuclear weapons) in dozen of countries directly around Russia.

From 1996 to 2003, Russia gently asked the U.S. to come to its senses. This included an offer to include Russia in NATO and the EU. From 2004 to 2007, Russia firmly demanded an end to this madness. From 2008 to December 2021, Russia openly prepared to fight back, making no secret of its willingness to eventually respond militarily. Read Putin’s speeches at the time, there is no ambiguity there. Thirteen years of undisguised preparation!

There is also an explanation for this behavior of the West. Yes, there was an agreement, but it was essentially informal because the collapse of the Soviet Union was essentially a conspiracy. By 1997, most of the Soviet nomenklatura had already begun to give way to patriotic forces untainted by war crimes of treason and desertion. Russians take credit for overthrowing the traitors within the country and are not ready to write off the promises made by the Western elite.

So, last December, the Kremlin issued an ultimatum. NATO should retreat to the positions of the days of the collapse of the USSR, it said.

Characteristically, Russia is not demanding anything more than what was originally agreed upon. Although it could have. During this time the United States and NATO have swollen territorially, but their military power and fighting spirit have degraded many times over.

On the contrary, Russia is now objectively stronger than the USSR at the time of its collapse. Both militarily and economically. The GDP statistics published by U.S. agencies have nothing to do with reality — those who have visited the United States and Russia regularly over the last decade can see it for themselves.

Escalation is inevitable. Logical reasoning does govern the behavior of all people, including top leaders, but only secondarily. Instincts come first. In their youth and early adulthood, the Russian elite went through a bloody sifting of gangster reality, compared to which Chicago of the 1930s looks like a kindergarten. The American elite has been resting on its laurels and degenerating all along. Russians not only disrespect their opponents, which is humanly understandable but also despise them physiologically, because Westerners have turned into faggots.

The Russians will not pull significant forces into Ukraine, where it is most expected. Western Ukraine is mentally lost to Russia. As a matter of fact, it has never been truly close to the Russian spirit. Russians have always told disrespectful anecdotes about the Khohly (Ukrainians) as unintelligent money-grubbers. Western Ukrainians betrayed Russia during Russia’s Holy War with Hitler. Southern Ukraine is historically mostly Jewish. The Russians will strangle Ukraine economically, and when it inevitably collapses, they will take the northern and eastern regions that will voluntarily leave this current Ukrainian mess.

The Russians will not set up bases in Venezuela or Cuba or Nicaragua. Not now. It’s expected, and it doesn’t make immediate sense. The U.S. will soon split into reds and blues, and then Russian missiles will stand in Mexico, a bastion of hatred and anti-American revanchism. We have about five years to wait.

But what makes strategic sense immediately is to capture Spitsbergen (Svalbard). Technically, this would be a powerful anti-Western move. Legally it is controversial, which is a good thing in the current situation. Stalin never recognized the dual use of the island with Norway, by the way.

The underwater cable connecting Norway and the Arctic satellite station has already been “mysteriously” damaged.

There will be few casualties. There will probably be no civilian casualties at all. In terms of logistics, the Russians have no equal in the north, neither in the readiness of ships to the polar seas nor in their number. Economically it is very profitable, because there, in the territorial waters, is a lot of natural gas, which, by the way, is now heating England. The U.S. doesn’t have to react sharply, so as not to lose face. Spitsbergen is too far away, it is partially Russian, and no one lives there permanently. This move will give Russia a couple more years, during which time the zombification of the American political system will continue.

Militarily, it is also very advantageous because it will make it much easier to supply a new silent submarine fleet carrying hypersonic nuclear weapons.

It also paves the way for the capture of Greenland, the last great empty stretch of Earth that may become inhabitable during our lifetime because of climate change. By the time this becomes tactically convenient, relations with Denmark will mean nothing to Russia, so it will secure its access from the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean by brute force, not by diplomacy.




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