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Stephen Hawking explains God exists as nature:

God is as the laws of nature:

I believe in God and the afterlife. A book by world-famous astronomer Stephen Hawking explains the existence of God is the paradigm of the creation of the universe.

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Stephen develops the approach of rational ways to define the existence o God.
The way that appeals the Stephen Hawking is believing that the laws of nature are all work of God. It defines God.
Besides, it’s a universal fact that laws of nature are unchangeable. So, can what’s God rule in all of this?
Most people also believe God is a human-like connection, one they can have a conversation with him.
Like Einstein, Stephen Hawking takes god in an as impersonal sense. Knowing the mind of God means knowing about the universe.

He explains the beginning of the universe with matter, energy and space.
According to Einstein, energy and matter; are interconvertible. So, we can say that both are the same.
So, we left energy and space to create a universe.
We get the universe without any force. Its results in negative energy.
The fun fact is we get the universe for free. The positive energy and negative energy created that sum up to Zero. It’s the way the big bang starts.
He further explains the impact of time on the creation of the universe. When the universe comes into being, the time starts at that time. There is no time that ever exists. The creator cannot create anything before it all starts.
There is no time for a creator to exist. He explains the exitance of no time inside the black hole due to the massive gravitational pull of the black hole.
So, the game is rational and relates to Hawking. No one creates the universe. No one directs it.

The Question about the existence of God is like finding the edge of elliptical Earth.

Hawking has no belief in God because he finds no rational evidence for it. There is no heaven and afterlife. We live once and die forever.
Hawking sees God as the laws of nature.




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