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Survivalism Update: U.S. and EU “Preppers” Should Relocate to Southern Siberia

The following may seem strange and biased, but the reader should keep in mind one important fact.

There are virtually no Americans or Europeans who have lived in Russia for any length of time. Westerners know nothing about Russia. Very few understand the language. Western propaganda is completely false.

Russian emigrants living in the West also lie (even to themselves). There’s a reason for that. An emigrant from a country where there was no war becomes an emigrant only because he is a loser. A lawnmower from Mexico in Los Angeles, a good-for-nothing American teaching poor English in Thailand, a Facebook-addicted Russian computer programmer in San Francisco — all these people are just plain losers.

Normal, successful people don’t fall for the lies of foreign propaganda and alien culture, don’t leave their homeland. Especially when it comes to Russia, whose large cities have been cleaner and safer than Paris or Boston for years. When immigrants tell you horror stories about Russia, they are simply justifying the fatal mistake of their lives that has forever turned them into second-rate people and their own children into strangers.

In America, you don’t get a chance to see a movie that even remotely depicts real Russian life. International awards are only given to Russian films that conform to the false narratives of the globalist structures. Content that can be downloaded through pirate torrent trackers has no adequate translation. And even if you manage to get a translation, it is still impossible to understand without significant involvement and education.

In contrast, knowledge of the Western life in Russia is quite good. Most educated Russians know English well enough to get around and watch movies. Every (every!) Russian has a close acquaintance who has lived in the West long enough to absorb most of the basic ideas about life there. Tons and tons of people have repeatedly visited Western countries as tourists. Every Russian has seen hundreds of American and European movies and TV shows. The asymmetry is clearly not in favor of Westerners.

So please take the time to listen to a Russian’s opinion. The issue under discussion is too important to ignore.

Money and time available determine many decisions, including how to prepare individually for atomic warfare. The amount of money invested in preparation depends on the perceived probability of war. For all readers of this article, it is not zero. I believe the risk of a nuclear exchange is just over 50%. How much time is left? I assume we have two and a half years (more in the next article).

The hegemony of the dollar is collapsing. As a result, globalist auditing, business ratings and credit structures will lose influence, leading to a redistribution of global profits. America and Europe will quickly become 3–4 times poorer. This will cause unrest. Riots will escalate into civil wars along the lines of Trumpists vs. anti-Trumpists (Le Pen vs. anti-Le Pen, etc.), which have already developed in all major countries of the Western paradigm. The elites are well aware of this.

It may be too early to say that the West is backed into a corner, but in the long run Russia wins. Russia has its own food, its own energy, its own drinking water (70% of the world’s reserves!), its own metals, its own clothes, its own transportation, its own social networks, its own search engine, its own everything. Variety and quality are moderate, but quite acceptable to the average majority of Russians, if you ignore the handful of pro-Western, infantile hipsters.

There is no opposition in Russia. There is no civil confrontation. The last remnants of active dissenters went abroad in March and April. But there is a powerful unifying idea: the West has to finally pay for the humiliation and millions of victims of the U.S.-initiated breakup of the Soviet Union, for the half a thousand years of lies and violence against colonies and cryptocolonies, for sowing discord and wars around the world. There is nowhere to retreat — Russia is surrounded by military bases of NATO, the United States and their vassals. The Americans and the British have turned Ukraine into a menagerie of millions of Nazi dogs trained exclusively on the Russians.

As strange as it may sound, there is a willingness among Russians to unleash a nuclear war against the United States and Europe. Yes, Russians are nihilists. But it is also important that the new Russian cruise missiles can be exchanged for American aircraft carriers at a ratio of 1:1 for a million times the difference in cost. The new Russian ballistic missiles have 15 hypersonic (anti-missile defenses won’t work) warheads with dozens of disintegrating final charges. One missile per state. And the missiles outnumber the states by an order of magnitude.

The seriousness of the situation is evidenced by Putin’s behavior, who is clearly playing cat-and-mouse with the West. It costs him nothing to bomb every railroad junction in Ukraine and cut off arms and fuel supplies, but he doesn’t do it. Casinos never seek to gut a customer on their first visit. They let the poor player win a little, get into debt to the point where no one else is lending, and only then ruthlessly strip him naked. As Putin deliberately traps NATO, this means that he has signed his own verdict on Western hegemony.

This is why America’s and the EU’s leadership are nervous and making increasingly ridiculous moves. The trigger for a fatal escalation can be switched by accident, simply by virtue of a stream of mistakes. Both sides talk about the possibility of war. The Jews of World War II taught us: when men with military power and authority show up and say you must die, believe them.

With such a high probability of a full-scale nuclear exchange, the decision to dig a bunker makes no sense. In places where a bunker would help survive a strike, it would still be impossible to live. The living will envy the dead. Bunkers are just marketing for idiots. Only moving you and your family and converting businesses will work. There is still plenty of time for that to happen.

Recent independent studies show that a nuclear winter and the death of the biosphere will not occur, but that currently densely populated areas will become uninhabitable. Some of these areas are direct targets. And not just in the U.S., Europe, and Russia. Putin has repeatedly warned that decision-making centers will be hit, and it is well known that many shadowy bosses have moved to New Zealand and Australia in recent years. Two or three advanced Russian missiles would be enough to destroy the entire infrastructure of these two countries. Don’t run to Australia or NZ!

The rest of the Southern Hemisphere, which will not be directly hit, will also go to hell because too many people live there (in Asia, Latin America, and Africa). The relative prosperity they currently enjoy is the result of a well-established global supply chain. These territories cannot feed themselves, cannot generate enough of their own electricity and fuel.

Consider the northern hemisphere. You can’t count on China, because neither the U.S. nor Russia will allow a stupid mutual withdrawal from the scene, leaving China’s nuclear arsenal intact. Besides, there are too many people there, and it is almost unrealistic for a person from the US or Europe to root there because the culture is too alien. The same can be said of the Arab world (in the center of which — don’t forget — is a Class A target, “Israel”). It is impossible to live in India even now, let alone in the post-war period.

All of North America also falls off the list. Northern Canada and northern Siberia are not suitable, because there is no population and no local infrastructure. In addition, the climate there is too harsh. Without supplies from the south, few can survive, and what kind of life would it be? The U.S. Midwest, though sparsely populated, is largely tainted by military infrastructure from Colorado to Nevada, making it a target. The rest of the U.S. and Europe will surely be bombed.

This leaves southern Siberia and northern Mongolia. These lands are sparsely populated, but self-sufficient. In terms of climate and landscape, these territories are very attractive. It is very beautiful there. Many crops are grown there: most grains and vegetables, some fruits. Cattle feel great there. It’s like Northern California in the summer. In winter, though it is cold, it is dry. Frosts in the continental climate are easily tolerated. According to the new science, DNA genealogy, the ancient cradle of all Eurasian civilizations is located there.

The prices there are low. You can even count on a free 1 hectare of land in Russia.

There is no risk of persecution based on nationality. Both Russia and Mongolia are very loyal to foreigners. There is no domestic Americanophobia. An American in the United States and an American in Russia are different things to the Russian mind. The experience of a small but statistically sufficient number of immigrants proves this. Russians have a very high threshold for looting. More precisely, this threshold is still unknown. The recent floods in the Irkutsk region and Kuban, no less severe than the Louisiana flood, did not cause any excesses.

These areas would suffer the least damage during the war. No matter what the “official” data say, Russia and the United States now have approximate parity. But the U.S. nuclear arsenal will be distributed over a much larger territory, and the Russian means of delivery are much more effective: their destruction at the air defense stage will be lower by an order of magnitude.

After the war, there will be less chaos and carnage in these territories. Rules and law would not collapse and there would be no persecution of people whose nationality was the enemy. During World War II in the United States, all Japanese were imprisoned. This never happened in Russia! Under Peter the Great, captive Swedish officers lived a normal noble life in Siberian cities. The local Germans of the Volga region were not persecuted during World War II.


Immediately after publication, I started getting messages with questions about how to organize the move. There is no exact plan yet, but it’s not that hard to do once we have enough people.



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