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Like an article about Bernadette Jiwa for the Greyio Heart Experiment

I have already written about this hip-hop blogging experience and that’s what I am experiencing right now writing this article for you to get some value out of it. What I am writing most about is business, finance, technology, and startup but If you do read me you probably remember that some time ago I had made the promise to write from time to time some motivational articles as a publishing experiment like how I am writing an engaging article about women in tech with the Greyio heart experiment. This article then could be taken as a motivational article about writing and more writing for tech I mean telling tech-driven and tech-enabled stories of what’s technically possible and what’s we get out of the tech possibilities we already have. I spend so much time before understanding the power of storytelling for someone who is born from a film director and screenplay writer this is a curious path but when I was young what I was most interested in was science and technology and building things out of what I got in hand. That’s only during the entrepreneurial journey that I understood the importance of storytelling year after that this friend's father passed away god bless him and all those people whom we care about and who are not with us now. Maybe that’s because I am writing for you this article about words and metrics in the crowdfunding market where commemoration takes a non-negligible market share that I am talking about this scary and unavoidable thing which is death. But as you will maybe read in my coming article death could also be a great path for an online business or for contributing to the forward motion of our society.

But this article is not about death neither about the crowdfunding market but about tech storytelling and about sitting and typing words that explain, words that teach, words that highlight, words that motivate, words that show how we simply can leverage the power of technology to make our life and our world better. Everybody who can write can do this exercise like I am doing because allocating time to sit, write and share words with others is not difficult at all. What is more difficult is what you are doing right now by according to me your time, this scarce but I hope you will benefit from this attention that you provided me by reading this article like how I benefited and still continue to benefit from my reading experience. That’s by reading that I came to understand the importance of storytelling and this until I crossed the path of a prolific author and marketer called Seth Godin since then I saw the impact and importance of storytelling everywhere in every industry and part of our life. Even Aswat Damoran the business valuation expert and teacher uses storytelling

Aswath Damodaran, narrative and Numbers

because valuing a business like marketing a product is about storytelling. The story you tell impact the results you get. You have already told yourself stories reading this articles to say that it is like we are all storytellers then it should not be difficult to tell stories with texts once we learn how to write in a chosen language like English and I then think about storytelling and programming because of this word language. Can we tell stories with algorithms or Can algorithms tell stories could be a very good question that could lead to a very important study? And just yesterday I was listening and reading Kevin Kelly telling us a story about what technology wants. Wants it what we want? or Has it its own wants while we feed it with ideas and energy? Again questions that I am asking myself and that I am also asking you to help me answer by telling stories for me to read and see if it resonates with the stories I am telling to my self.

I think we all are storytellers but I would like to be a tech storyteller and tech-enabled ideas provider and maker.

PS: writing this article I remembered this tech-enabled idea called screenshotStory and That’s looking for a featured image that I decided to feature Bernadette Jiwa who I know because of Seth and I should Agree that I have started to read her book but I never finished it unlike what I did for these 20+ more books of Seth. I should finish it now and I advise you to do the same. Then this article can also be seen as an article of the Greyio Heart Experiment because Bernadette Jiwa could be seen as a great woman in tech and here is her book about storytelling, a must-read

Bernadette Jiwa, Story Driven

and frankly, this hip hop sound I was listening to in loop while I was writing this is really about storytelling because who understands french can know that Kerry James is telling his story in this I am listening. That’s this one below

Kery James, Lettre a mon public

Then It matters to tell the sound you are listening while you wear writing and Kevin kelly told the sound he used to listen to while writing in a youtube video I watched yesterday what could be a sign to say that this hip hop blogging experiment I am writing about since is maybe a good tech-enabled idea and it could be about music-driven blogging




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