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The ABC of Tech You Must Know in 2019

AI, blockchain, and community — in the new year, it is time to become exponential-tech literate.

A for “AI goes enterprise”

By 2030, AI is projected to generate an estimated $13 trillion of GDP growth. In 2019, AI is going to penetrate the enterprise as an indispensable, mission-critical capability. The question is no longer, what tasks do you perform with AI but which tasks do you not?

B for “Blockchain is not going away”

When will Blockchain finally deliver on its grand promise? Well, how about 2019?! The past two years saw a roller coaster ride for cryptocurrencies, starting with a breathtaking value increase of 3,252 percent in 2017 and a drop of 60 percent in crypto market value in 2018. Last December, the price of Bitcoin was $19,783, today it is $3,810 (the other two main cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Litecoin, also dropped significantly). With its retail transactions declining rapidly, the most prominent of these currencies, Bitcoin, may now go into the annals of digital history as the Friendster (remember?) of crypto.

C for “Community is making technology come home”

Technology is not only increasingly social technology (using network effects), it is also a social activity. To adopt the new knowledge–the A and the B–and hone it in your organizations, community of practice is key. As Edward D. Hess and Kaz Gozdz contend, in the knowledge economy any successful organization will become a community–a “community of hyper-learners,” “a group of like-minded others of similar values and purpose.”



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Tim Leberecht

Co-founder and co-CEO of the House of Beautiful Business; author of “The Business Romantic” and “The End of Winning”