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The Angel of Death

Precisely 5652 years ago, the Angel of Death descended to Earth. Seven generations earlier, the first human couple, Adom and Chava gave birth to two sons. Kine murdered his brother Havel. This ignominious beginning to human ancestry would continue for seven generations until Lemech drew back his bow and shot his arrow killing the first murderer, Kine. Lemech was blind and the murder was by mistake. Accidental murder was the fitting conveyance for the Angle of Death to descend to Earth. The intentional murder was eventually expunged after seven generations over 130 years, through accidental murder and that is how Lemech became the Angel of Death.

The human being was much more ephemeral six thousand years ago at the onset of human occupation on planet Earth. Replete with the ability to articulate thoughts into speech, the human being was able to rule the world. The intellect inspired from the soul which is but a shard engraved from a star tethered to the human being through a beam of light entering into the brain has the capacity of ruling over the animal. The human being stands erect, the head poised above the body is able to exert free choice over the heart. But, the human being is imperfect. Murder begets murder and soon the world was soaked in blood. The great flood came a thousand years later to wipe away the impurity caused from human endeavor and brought forth a more moderate human being living a hundred years instead of a thousand years.

Death is necessary to our beautiful world; without Death life would be a line instead of a circle — a line extends forever but a circle finds completion. Death is not a punishment, rather a necessity allowing the soul to release from the flesh and find rest. Each glimmer of consciousness returns back to the shard engraved from a star into a unique soul. The worst part of Death is embarrassment for how we spent each precious day, as if life does not matter. Eventually Death will die but until then, Death is a friend, an escape from the eternal disintegration happening on this physical realm.

Lemech 5652 years ago, returned to his two wives having also accidentally killed their son who had taken his blind father hunting only to kill the father of their ancestry; when hearing the news, Lemech clapped his hands together and also killed his son who was standing near by — seven generations earlier, Kine purposely killed his brother Havel. In contrition before his wives who no longer wanted to have sex with their husband, he entreats them, It was not my fault, I am the seven times seven. When Lemech dies, he is 777 years old, as recorded in the Torah’s accounting of the first ten generations, but he did not ascend to Heaven, instead remained on Earth as the Angel of Death.

Thus the number 777 is associated with the Angel of Death. The Torah promises, eventually the Angel of Death will himself die, slaughtered by a future when the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace begins a few centuries from now. However, recently the number 777 became a worldwide phenomenon when the six thousand year Hebrew calendar dated from the first human being turned 5777 in 2017. Prototype from the Six Days of Creation, culminating in the final sixth day of creation with the inception of Adom, an androgynous human being. Each of the six thousand year segments corresponds to a day of creation. The thousand years of Sod/Secret corresponding to sex, began 782 years ago simultaneously with the beginning of the Renascence.

We are in the last quarter of the last day — known as the End of Days, hinted by three strange occurrences of the number 777 in the year 2017 when Trump was elected a few months after a total eclipse of the Sun by the Moon crossed America’s Bible Belt; then in 2018 when Trump was inaugurated at seventy years, seven months and seven days — March 11, 2020 WHO proclaimed Covid a pandemic to the precisely 7,770,000,000 people in the world. Covid translates into Hebrew as Respect. The disrespect the human being has shown to Mother Earth is being exacted by this relentless plague meant to stop the gluttony.

Death was created at the end of the Sixth Day of Creation traced to the phrase Tov Moad/Very Good. At the end of each of the first five days of creation, God seals the day with the remark, Ki Tov/This is Good, but on the Sixth and final day of creation, God seals the day with, Tov Moad/Very Good. Very is the source to the Angel of Death. How can Death be better than Life? On the contrary, Death makes life to be more. Without Death there would be no purpose pushing life forward, just a meandering pointless creation. Having a confine to time is essential to completion and ultimate purpose. The Roman calendar counts to infinity.

There are three calendars having an exact beginning and an exact end: the five thousand year Mayan calendar placed within the six thousand year Hebrew calendar along with the 5730 year half-life of Carbon-14. All three calendars intersect at this time. Carbon-14 completed a half-life within every human being in 1970. Forty-two years later the Mayan Calendar reached the end of a 13,000 year span crossing the galactic horizon completing half of the 26,000 year cycle of Earth appearing to rotate around the North Star. The center of our galaxy is 26,000 light years away from the Earth which pulsates every 26 seconds. God’s Name YHVH has a gematria of 26. The design of creation is based around the number 26 as described in String Theory.

Though the six thousand year Hebrew calendar does not end for another 220 years, the demarcation line drawn from the three occurrences of the 777 denotes the beginning of transition between the six thousand years of man and the coming Thousand Years of Woman and Peace. Replicating the Shabbat, the Seventh Day of Rest, is the final stage to the Tree of Life, a sign indicating a precognition prior to creation being played out now upon the Earth, the center of creation, created by the Creator who is neither physical nor spiritual but wants a dwelling place in low, in our world where the light is hidden so free choice can thrive. All of creation is but a stone to the Creator. Praying to anything in creation is like praying to the stone when the Creator is readily available everywhere to everyone all the time.



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