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The business of technology is hard to be into as an entrepreneur. Things are fast evolving and the best ideas you have right now could be executed and run at the same time by someone else. That’s why working in tech is very difficult and always bounded by tight delay. From start to finish be you a database administrator, system engineer, developer, software engineer, support engineer, or data engineer, you have to ship things fast and always keep learning because the business of technology is almost a business of knowledge. Lifelong learning is an expected and common lifestyle for tech folks. They are those crunching books and blogs for knowledge and ideas.

Asking myself if the gaming industry is a tech industry, entertainment industry, or art industry, or both. My thought and my first guess are that it is all those industries at the same time. That’s why the gaming industry is an interesting industry for a tech person like me and very likely you also. The composition of game studio’s teams tells us a lot about this fact because they are made of tech enthusiast persons, artists, scientists, engineers, experts all of them being creative people in their field and lifelong learners. Games have for sure shaped our culture and as a medium, I do think that it is a medium still underused with the purpose of helping people achieve their goals in life and work and for making relevant changes happen in our society.

As a tech entrepreneur rediscovering an industry that he left behind years ago, I am discovering a lot of interesting game studios and my goal is to connect them and make them achieve more of these creative and meaningful works they are doing right now. Funding is what they all need to leverage their studios. From SPAC to LBO, the options are wide open for getting funds. but with all of the money of the world and without a great marketing strategy built around trust and permission, there will be no profit to make and no impactful changes. Glad that during the time I left this industry have learned a lot about marketing. Heard one of the founder and CEO of these game studios says that game studios are bad marketers not because they won't learn but they are just very busy at being creative and are underfunded.

Fixing this last sentence is the job to be done for Sp……..

PS: this game entrepreneurship experience can be turned into a data-driven book that will be published by Book Dojo, the mail-only startup publishing data-driven books and operating book-driven platforms for book lovers and book communities. You can signup for Book Dojo using this link.

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