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The Coffee Shop in 5 Years

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How will the tech that’s being developed affect an experience like stepping out for a cup of coffee? It takes many years for current tech to be deployed to market, so it’s likely that a five year window could make sense for a large brand like Starbucks to deploy.

What might some ways we see this?

Onsite Roasting and Custom Brewing

Similar to the Reserve system by Starbucks, what if there were similar offerings that could, based on how you like your coffee, blend from coffee that is roasted onsite? It could change the brewing time, brewing type, coffee amount, water temperature, and even mineral content to make the perfect cup for you?

Are you someone who likes sweetener in their coffee? Milk? What type? Temperature?

What will scale is customizability. You won’t be holding up the line because you’ll only get one or two choices offered to you from your tailored choice.

No Glass AR

Projectors will be able to highlight different experiences. Your name and coffee will be projected onto the counter. The espresso machine will be hit with sparkling light when your shot is being pulled. Lightform did this with their mapping projectors, but other companies may take the mantle and make this through the trough of discontent.

Lights Everywhere

LED mood lighting that changes with the mood or music will become ubiquitous. This will mean that the location becomes a never-boring experience.

AI Art

The art on the walls through OLED or similar technology will be generated and displayed, light the lighting, based on the mood and music. There might be art that is signature for that location but it might update based on the coffee or food that was ordered.

Fiber and 5G Repeaters

1 Gbps and 5 bar 5G will be the norm, even if the location is in a basement. If you don’t trust the WiFi, at least you can use your own hotspot.

Bye Bye Bacteria (and Viruses)

Copper and other anti-bacterial and anti-viral materials will be infused into surfaces. Surface sanitizing and high throughput air filtration will be the norm. In person places will work to extend the experience through packaging if ordered remotely. You know… for the next pandemic.

People are working more from home but sometimes, they need a break or want to meet friends IRL. Those places that will thrive are the ones that can create a unique and inviting experience. Otherwise, it’s just coffee and it better be damn good.



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