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The Dapper Weekly Series: The unbiased dApp review from Aelf Blockchain

The new Youtube series sponsored by Aelf gives you a sneak peek and an impartial review to the exciting world of dApps.

The brave new world of cryptocurrency has not only changed how people perceived money, but it has also created a host of real-world applications that have profoundly impacted the virtual world. One of them is decentralised applications or in short dApps.

dApps is not a new concept. There were a bunch of them in the past like Various Torrents apps, File shares, various messengers etc. These also relied heavily upon P2P networks without centralised control. If you have used one of these in the past, you know how it was. Slow, cumbersome, insecure. Then blockchain happened.

Coming to the definition of dApp, Wikipedia defines

“A decentralized application (dapp, Dapp, dApp or DApp) is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. DApps have been mostly popularized by distributed ledger technologies(DLT), namely the Ethereum Blockchain, where dApps are often referred to as smart contracts.

In simple terms, For a traditional app, all the aspects will be controlled by a centralised entity whereas in the case of a dApp its decentralised (Hosted on a blockchain) and no one can control or manipulate it.

As per dApp ranking website State of the dApps, there are around 2667 dApps, and a significant number of them are still using Ethereum Blockchain. The current daily active user stands at 100,000 with on an average 1.49 Million transactions happening per day basis.

If you have a look at an overview of DApps Ecosystem, we can classify the usage as

🎫 Exchanges ( Bancor, IDEX, Forkdelta)

🎫Games ( CryptoKitties, Etheremon)

🎫Gambling/Betting apps ( 888Tron, EOSbet)

🎫 Highrisk (Tronbank, Highgold miner)

🎫 Others(Karma, Steemit)

Among this, more than 40% of the volume and user base is enjoyed by the Dex followed by various gaming ones.

Coming to Blockchains, Ethereum is leading regarding the volume and users of dApps. But due to the slowness and scalability issues faced by Ethereum newer blockchains such as Steem, EOS and Tron are slowly gaining momentum. Once the aelf mainnet launches, we can see more fierce competition in the dApp world for dominance.

The Dapper Weekly Series

The Dapper Weekly Series is a non-biased Youtube review series sponsored by Aelf blockchain. The program is hosted by Mappo (Head of Content at Aelf) who will review the best performing dApps and try to gauge its performance against various benchmarks set.

The first of the series was telecasted on 18th March 2019, in which dApp Steemit, a social media sharing platform was reviewed. I won’t go into too much detail regarding the actual review, I would suggest you watch it as it is quite informative, but will just write a little about the format in which the review was done.

Unlike other reviews which focus more on the technical aspect of dApps, The Dapper Weekly does the review from a normal user perspective. The review gives more emphasis to its end users experience rather than the technical side

Each dApp which will be reviewed will be selected from dApp ranking website State of the dApps and will be chosen based on the volume of transactions as well as taking into consideration of how many active users they have. The selected dApp will be reviewed and assigned points based on

✔️ First Impressions

✔️ User interface

✔️ User experience

✔️Technical production

✔️ Bonus — Benifit to community

The show also gives the option to its viewers to suggest the dApps they would like to review in the future. All they have to do it to put their remarks or feedbacks as comments under the Youtube video as can also mail to the host.

About Aelf

ælf is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing blockchain network that aims to provide a high-performance platform for commercial adoption of the blockchain.

In order to establish a blockchain infrastructure for various commercial requirements, ælf provides a highly efficient multi-chain parallel-processing system with cross-chain communication and self-evolving governance. It brings 4 key innovations:

1) Scalable nodes on a cluster of computers

2) Parallel processing for maximum utilization of processing power

3) Resource isolation for smart contracts via independent and specialized side chains

4) Interoperability to run on and flexibility to choose from different consensus protocols (DPoS — native, PoW, PoS) and private / public chain


dApp review is not a new concept, and there are a lot of shows existing as well. A majority of the reviews I came across has some vested interest in it. Either it will be a paid one or will be a strong shill. What makes The Dapper Review different is that it’s unbiased.

As per the aelf team, the concept behind launching such a show is to create more awareness of various dApp ecosystem. We all know that aelf is all set to enter the dApp ecosystem, once the mainnet is launched. Rather than waiting to promote the dApps that will be hosted in Aelf blockchain, they are now creating awareness about dApps that are performing well in other blockchains. That’s a noble idea, and we look forward to seeing these kinds of initiative from other blockchains as well.

First part —

Second Part —

Risk Warning: I am a community member of Aelf who is passionate about the project. I will not be receiving any payment for the same as well. Always keep in mind that trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.



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