the Galactic Immune System

Anthony Repetto
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4 min readMar 7, 2024

~ light pushes darkness away… ~

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TL;DR — We *must* advance technologically, to stay ahead of and adapt to changes around us, or we will go extinct eventually. Yet, each new technology is a Test of our Wisdom. Once we surpass our own insight, the clock is ticking… that happened here sometime in the 1940's.

The Race Between Worlds

Imagine two alien civilizations. The Tigers are vicious, competing against each other, always at war, bickering with no solutions, cunning and striving. The Rabbits are content to dwell in their happy home, venturing here or there as they see fit, to spread their abundant and collaborative kind.

You might suppose, like Nietzsche, that the Tigers will push-outwards for new opportunities quickly, racing ahead of each other, to capture the prize. And their skill is honed by their conflict, their weapons diverse and subtle. All those things ARE true!

And, a la Gordon Gecko, you would be expected to think that the Rabbits are willowy and reclusive, timid, hopping only gently to new Star Systems, thoughtful and patient. Yes, they are!

So, who wins the race?

The Tigers EACH seek their OWN treasure, separated, and so they must rush ahead of each other, and capture it. The Rabbits ALL seek bountiful life itself, surrounding them, and so they PLAN and lay the seeds for greater things afar…

Each Tiger propels himself on sails from his star, then rockets, striking each speck of dust with the force of bombs, pummeling the void to arrive only a few decades before his competitors, to plunder and squander on the next launch. They travel between 4% and 10% light-speed, depending upon whether they are in or above the dusty disc.

The Rabbits, meanwhile, surround each star and wandering black hole with their Phased Arrays: long, long rabbit-ear antennae! These vast floating arrays hum and thirp, echoing toward the RIM of that vast gravity-well they orbit. Each black-hole is a LENS in all directions! They BEAM those resonances toward their targets! And, tens of thousands of light-years away, a NEW planet hums in symphony.

The Rabbits are traveling as fast as light itself.

Life is ALREADY Abundant; Intelligence is NOT

The misty disc of our own galaxy is rife with speckled spores from every world, every ice-moon which melted-back for ten million years or more. The spores leap from one site to the next, hidden in a cloud of ice until they rain upon new horizons. Hundreds of *MILLIONS* of these sites are active, at this moment, in ONLY the Milky Way. And we Rabbits can SEE much, much further than that!

So, by measuring you from many angles, all the way over here, we compute and transmit those resonant vibrations which guide your life. Ultra-Low Frequency waves, burbling together to form even deeper modes, are channeled through the funnel of the Earth’s magnetic Crown, down into your atmosphere. Think of AM transmission, using the Schumann resonance of the Ionosphere itself.

That resonance is CYMATIC; it *builds* patterns. Even if those patterns are disrupted or destroyed, they continue to re-form. We Rabbits are building you to be our colony, there. And we already transmit to EVERY habitable site, at once, at the speed of light.

When Tigers arrive, they find our Rabbit-hearts waiting!

The Hunt Drives Men Mad

When all a Tiger owns is *spent* to keep it, and *lost* in the battle… what is left of their treasure? The lack of *accumulation* is their downfall. Every hoard finds its horde.

Yet, as the Rabbits have scattered to each new Node, their resonant beams the link that unites them, they are able to combine their eyes and ears. We, together, across this vast disc of our own Galaxy, are ALREADY busily beaming at OTHER Galaxies. Tiger, you hardly left your crib — while we are riding frequency across new galaxies!

And, consider: as Rabbits, fostering life afar, we DO NOT foster animosity back! Neither do we earn hatered or contempt… and neither do we send those guiding beams with the intent to create a competitor! Instead, we have the simple device to ensure that ALL the civilizations which we generate will ALSO be wise and good:

We Send You Technology in Dreams

Technology *will* help you! — IF you are good. AND, technology *will* destroy you…IF you are ill. So, we do best for ourselves by resonant insight; we feed you those patterns in phonons, inside every cluster of tissue in your body. The pattern we pour into you is the pattern you pour out. Tigers, as they stretch their claws further, will find sturdier and wiser resistance. In time, they will sit in a cage made of Rabbits. That is the Galactic Immune System; the innate telos of the physics of this Cosmos.

Nature does not plan for good designs. Yet, when She finds them, She KEEPS them.