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The Heart of the Head is Jerusalem

There is an ancient acknowledgment that the land of Israel is the highest place in the world. How can that be? The word Yisroel/Israel can be rearranged to read: Rosh Li/My Head. I find myself recently planted, not just in Israel but in Jerusalem, a thirty minute walk to the venerated Western Wall, the final permanent remaining relic from the Temple. I have been a wanderer, a vagabond upon the Earth for 77 years until now, I have arrived at who I am and I am free. I am free to see the world from the perspective of the head after having transversed the globe in search of something.

Ultimate freedom is to see the truth. The head’s attachment to the torso brings together intellect and emotions, making the body whole. Yaakov, the progenitor of the Twelve Tribes, lay upon a rock from this hill four thousand years ago and dreamt of angels ascending and descending. He awoke declaring, This is the Stairway into Heaven. One of the unique qualities particular to the human being is to stand erect with our heads in the heavens and our feet upon the ground. In that sense, Israel is the highest place in the world, where I sit in her heart Jerusalem reading the Zohar, the highest book from the People of the Book.

Without being bludgeoned by opinionated dictates or conscripted into a persuasive narrative, the mind becomes free to think; the world looks different viewed from a place without bias, just pure thought. The unity of thought untainted by emotions and unencumbered by vagrant actions is a freedom beyond the common understanding. It has been 32 years since I left Israel, having lived in the northern city of Sfat, the City of Air for ten years. I have returned to Jerusalem the City of Fire. The other two elemental cities are: Chevron Earth where the Fathers and Mothers from the first three generations are buried and the Sea of Galilee, Water.

During my ten years in Israel I spent my time studying Torah but not until returning to America in 1990 did I begin infusing this knowledge into the world through videos and books. My last effort before leaving the body of the Earth to ascend to the head, Israel-Jerusalem, was to write and publish, Zohar — Beyond the BlackWhole and also launche a course based on my book called Three Dimensional Thinking. Many mysterious things have been holding me back throughout the decades until now when I am truly free to bring this great knowledge to the world.

After two thousand years, I have managed to decipher the Zohar, explaining how this knowledge is pertinent to our time as stated in the text of the Zohar, These words are meant for the End of Days, our time when all the calendars are collapsing. Through my course, students will be able to leave this flat reality and enter into the real thing, our three dimensional world. Beyond the the pessimism of politics and wars is an ancient vibrant city pulsing with life, a city of whom God says, My Eyes are always upon Jerusalem. Perhaps from here my work can find her way into the world.



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