The “Mac Pro 2019” is strong, but is going in the right direction?

One more WWDC 2019 article, focusing on a pair of issues many missed: the environmental question. And a price that cuts off the “low tier” creative professionals.

Giovanni Minelli
Jun 11 · 8 min read
“…of course, all this compute requires a massive amount of power, and so we have given every Mac Pro 7.1 a 1,4KW power supply.”

The mac pro 7.1 “Grattuggia II”

“no doubt, it’s the most powerful Mac ever created”

The Pro XDR Display

The consumption

The pixel war

Are the new post 4K formats really necessary?

More than the 2020 future, it seems to go back to the 90s IT marketing.

Is it the right direction?

“…if it was the Mac Pro 2013, to be in the right direction, instead?”


What is the problem then?

And this budget range under $ 5000, above 2000 $, may have to go to the Hackintosh device (which is not legal or reliable for a business anyway), or move to the dark side.


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