The Magical Power of the Universe

Some curated facts that will amaze you

Pranjal Saxena
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3 min readJul 7, 2021


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Ever wondered about how the greatest people become the greatest people? What is that they have and we don’t? Do they know some secret that we don’t? I believe the answer lies within something that is called the law of creation.

Many renowned and great people such as William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Beyoncé, etc. know of the law of creation. This law is no joke and can change your life entirely upside down.

The law of creation also called the law of attraction is everything related to your thoughts and the Universe. In the law of attraction, it is believed that everything we ever desire is already present in this Universe we reside in. Now you must be thinking that I’m just bluffing and that how can thoughts get you the things you crave and wish for. Is all the hard work we do a waste when we can achieve great things solely with our thoughts?

No, I’m not trying to manipulate your mind, but I’m trying to tell it with facts. Let me try doing so with the help of a few words by our great Physicist Albert Einstein. He says that everything is energy and that’s all there to it. We should match the frequency of the reality we want and, we cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not any Philosophy, but this is what Physics is! Now let me make an effort to break this down.

As everything present in this Universe is made up of tiny particles, so it is obvious that it possesses energy. We also know that every particle has a to and fro motion called vibration which has its frequency. So I think we all have settled and agreed with this point regarding energy. Moving forward, what’s this matching of frequency?

In Physics, different things when struck upon vibrate with different natural frequencies. For instance, a normal screening tuning fork on striking vibrates with 128 Hz frequency. Likewise, the things we desire like money, good relationships, good marks, etc. too have a frequency of their own. All we have to do is match it and that’s how we attract it.

How to Match Frequencies?

Now here is where the actual question of our hard work is cleared. You can think all you want about having that…