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The Revolution Eats its Own

It’s not politics, it’s not morality, it’s physics

The degree to which social frustrations have reached a point of ignition, creating a social and ultimately cultural conflagration across this country and around the world is truly breathtaking. While we all can sense some of the elements causing it, it does seem there are other factors pouring fuel on the fire. A color revolution coming home to America.

What might be driving this and why?

Trying to peel away the layers, people, ideologies, passions, etc. is nearly impossible and many, well informed people are trying to do just that, so let’s just start from a basic physical dynamic.

Reality might be described as a dichotomy of the energies driving it, versus the forms being manifest. People have the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems processing the energy driving us on, while the central nervous system sorts through and organizes the forms precipitating out.

Societies are that dichotomy of raw social energies and desires driving it, while the civil and cultural forms emerge from the cycles of feedback as to what can both control and sustain the community.

The anarchy of desire, versus the tyranny of judgement. The heart and the head.

The problem is that our cultural paradigm is of this monist idealism. That as these mobile creatures with a narrative based culture, we are defined and directed by those narratives we all jointly adhere to and accept as foundational. Though the larger reality is more cyclical, reciprocal and feedback generated, so our social entities exist as organisms in the larger ecosystem.

We are naturally reductionist, so the nodes get more attention, than the networks creating and sustaining them. We see patterns over processes.

Monotheism is the core assumption of Western culture, even if its literal basis has faded. That of this father figure lawgiver, as the personification of our reality. Though the literal premise of an actual God has receded, the long shadow of assuming some ultimate ideal remains.

Logically a spiritual absolute would be that essence of sentience, from which life rises, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement, from which it fell. Which creates a profound conceptual dissonance, to equate the ideal with the absolute, as one is aspirational, while the other is elemental.

Consider, just for a moment, if a social movement were to see its ideals as absolute and you begin to understand the source of fanaticism often driving modern ideologies, as they try replace monotheism as the guiding principle of the community. God might be dead, but it still casts a long shadow.

Which gets back to our modern predicament. As society is that dichotomy of social energies, versus civil and cultural forms, while we have this monist paradigm, the effect is that both sides see themselves as the one true narrative and the others as misbegotten fools. Liberals seeing conservatives as old fuddy duds and conservatives seeing liberals as disorganized do gooders.

Rather than a cycle of expansion and consolidation. Energies of youth versus lessons of age. Then feedback between the two.

Obviously the situation is far more complex, especially as the financial circulation system has proven uniquely susceptible to corruption and a tool for social control and extraction.

So now we have this situation where not only are social frustrations boiling over, but in a consumer based culture, where every desire, impulse, grievance, need, want, etc, is magnified and glorified, in order to sell some product, service, political agenda, etc. Consequently there is very weak cultural impulse control, be it on the side of the population in general, or even those authority figures supposedly empowered to regulate society. Which only aggravates tensions. As a culture, we do not sense the conflict of wanting to have our cake and eat it too. Whether we do some of the selection, or nature does it all, the fact is that not every acorn gets to be an oak tree.

Back to this color revolution occurring in America. It is not as though the script is new. The Soviets used to refer to those who could be manipulated by their emotions and desires to do good as “useful idiots.” Politics can be a bit like a game of poker. It can be more expensive and dangerous to overplay a good hand, than getting a weak hand and just folding.

So many of those on the front lines are getting played and many even sense this, but ride the wave anyway.

The question is whether many of those possibly seeing themselves as pulling the strings are just larger chess pieces and not the actual players?

The problem with such social movements is that as they see themselves in absolute terms, there can be no satisfactory system of order and control, since that would require some degree of preference for some over others. Not only does it mean a headless movement, but often a directionless one as well and effectively equates to a forest fire, that will burn out when its fuel is expended, without really going anywhere.

The reality then, as history has shown, is that those who do assume eventual control are the real sociopaths. The Stalins, Maos, Pol Pots, that can control the most basic emotion. Fear.

Even those currently funding this Frankenstein’s monster, will find it turn on them, as even the greed they represent, as the money men, which drives the corruption of society, is lost when those who follow no rules rise to power. Fear trumps even greed, when the herd is stampeding.

Yet even that stage will pass, as people eventually become inurred to pain and even fear ceases to hold sway. Then society starts from the bottom and grows up again. Hopefully learning a few more lessons on the way. The hard way.



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