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Seth Godin, Author, Entrepreneur, and Leader

Today march 1, I am excited to know that there is a coming book from my favorite author Seth Godin. His past book is the practice, a book that I pick from time to time for grabbing key concepts simply expressed concepts that bring deep insights about doing work that matters for those who care and about improving our skills by not letting the outcomes dumb our efforts of doing, trying, experimenting, exercising, building, developing, coding, writing, managing and mostly chipping while always learning. Waiting for his new book I was like millions of people reading his daily blog, listening to his podcast, and following the public conversation he had with people but reading Seth Godin through the format of a book is what I love most because it’s always an intensely insightful reading experience. Developing habits that lead to best practices is among the core idea of this book that is The Practice, Chipping creative work

a hand holding Seth Godin’s Book The Practice

Now Seth Godin would want us to follow him on a new journey through a new book entitled The Song of significance

Seth Godin’s New Book the Song of Significance

like always the cover of a book from Seth Godin gets you excited way before you get to read the book and the cover of his new book, the song of significance, doesn't fall into the exceptions as its cover involves a bee illustrated at the center of it. For one who is interested in the networking and collaboration abilities of ants and bees, this cover rightly hit me not only at the heart because of my love of Seth’s work but because this single image of a bee reminds me of this idea of networking and collaboration and a closer look of the cover itself tells me that this book could be about that as it’s inscribed that it’s a new manifestation for teams. Then given this cover I am assuming that Seth Godin has again something to tell us we independent bees who want to regularly do something impactful using our skills and our networks of relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Seth Godin talking at Convening Leaders

from Seth Godin’s words, this new book is a manifesto, an argument we can have with each other for each other about how to produce a different sort of day, a different sort of month, a different sort of life where we are able to show up at work and make a difference.

this new book is certainly motivated by the required changes that should be made for us to work and live better most of these changes being highlighted by the difficult period of the pandemic that we have been into and the obvious this obvious fact that shows that our world has entered a post-industrial era ignited by the many revolutions brought by computers and the internet making any one of us able to do important and impactful source with less resource than required back then but with a scarcer and scarcer attention resource due to the overwhelming noise that comes from the explosion and availability of knowledge, data, and information of all kinds. Seth Goding will likely tell us how he thinks we need to adapt to these work and life environmental changes and this maybe by giving us some insight into how we could deal with climate change as a team because Seth has been involved with thousands of people around the world what led to this amazing reference book filled with facts about climate change.

Book the Carbon Almanac

Talking to more than 10,000 persons helped Seth Godin learn that what people want isn’t necessarily more pay but a chance to make a difference, to do something with significance, to be treated with dignity, and to exceed our own expectations about what is possible. The book Song of Significance is about that a new way of going back to work the way we use to do it before industrialism.

This book comes out in May 2023 and I highly recommend you get it if you want to do work of significance. You can participate in the behind-the-scenes preview for The Song of Significance using this form.

The Song of Significance Penguin Book