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The State of Aeon 12_30_2018

Hello community members and welcome to the last State of Aeon for 2018. This year has filled the community with many emotions and success. Aeon forked from its much-awaited original code in a rebase that took the community by storm. There were many community members involved with this process throughout the entire journey, some that stayed with the community and others who left on their own journeys. After the dust settled, Aeon became a bigger and better coin allowing true lightweight code that was envisioned in the original launch in 2014 becoming one step closer to a true mobile lightweight currency. Community members that left the Aeon community often times poke their heads back in to see what is going on and how the project is advancing. Members that stayed know that they are always welcomed back whenever they feel free to help the community in ways that they can. In the past few weeks, we have been busy in many ways trying to move Aeon forward. Let’s check in on what has happened these past few weeks:

Aeon PR merged to BISQ. The listing will come with the next binary release of Bisq.

BISQ Integration of Aeon Complete

Aeon now on BISQ

The PR was officially merged with the BISQ network and Aeon is now tradable on this exchange. Pops to @camthegeek for his effort in this.

Aeon Stats on

Chainsage has listed Aeon on their stats page. This is a good overall daily look at Aeon and trading volumes/prices if you’re into that sort of thing. Their service provides information on 2700+ Cryptoasstets that are traded on 230+ exchanges. Check out the info on their website!

New Aeon mining how-to for beginners on XMrig

Herominers has set up a few pools and created some how-to’s for using and mining cryptocurrencies. They have created a nice visual guide for using XMrig with Aeon. Feel free to check it out and give them a clap. Also is a nice youtube video for this they have created. Also, help spread some hash on the network on their Pool!

AFS Proposals

  • World of Ether proposal: This proposal looks to have little community interest. The proposal will me moved to closed status due to this.
  • Aeon Listing fee for Tradesatoshi: Listing fee is 1BTC. Comments are suggested for this. If you want Aeon listed on TradeSatoshi, this is how it will happen.
  • Aeon Listing fee for CryptoBridge: Negotiated listing fee is 1.5BTC due to community involvement. If you want Aeon listed on CryptoBridge, this is how it will happen. Additional fees may occur upon Aeon’s next fork.
  • Monerujo-AE updates: This proposal has been in funding status for over two months. Are there any more contributors for this?
  • Aeon.Blue web wallet: The web wallet is up and running but not officially ready to roll. Check it out and see if you think there are any enhancements or issues and report them back to CarbonCG.

General Contributing Guidelines for Aeon

Stoffu has made a small PR to the Aeon for contributing to the Aeon codebase. This change was made to help streamline bugs and pull requests for Aeon and allow downstream bugs to be fixed first upstream along with the reduction of additional bugs/PR being created for commits that Monero already has. Feel free to check this out and add any additional public comments that you see fit. Merge will most likely happen with 12.9 point release.

Community Meeting for January 2019

It has been a month since our last community meeting. We need to schedule another gathering of community members to chat about Aeon and what we should look forward to accomplishing in 2019. Feel free to comment and gauge some times or dates that would be the best for community members.

Thank you, everyone, for helping Aeon go as far as it has in 2018. We look forward to a big 2019 with many new opportunities for Aeon and its community. Have a safe New Year’s Eve and see you all in 2019!

A possible rebrand for Aeon in 2019?????

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