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The Story of Creation

Creation began with a Question within the Creator causing a secret to be released in the form of a hint precipitating a Will in the shape of a line engraving desire sparked by the primal Question into a Light Without an End. The Light of God is perfectly woven together, leaving no ends. However, when the line of Will entered into the Light Without an End, there was a slight perturbation. The initial engraving twisted into the Light Without an End caused a curve to emerge. The motion of the curve took on weight and soon became a spiral.

The weight of the curve turning into a spiral was with unexpected vicissitudes as motion spun away into the nascent formation of creation. With the weight of the spiral came contraction, squeezing together towards culmination happening as the resultant force put into motion by the Creator’s Question descended into a unified point. All aspects of the spiral caused by the Will initiated by the Question became a dot pushing out until the power of the spiral burst into a space readied for a universe full of stars formed into spiral depictions of God’s Will tethered to a dot in the center.

The first aperture opening into space caused many similar apertures to open producing endless galaxies. God’s Desire to fulfill the Will predicated on the initial Question was engraved everywhere into everything but remained unanswered. The universe was in chaos until the Creator directed creation towards our galaxy where on the perimeter is our solar system where embed deep within is our Earth. The answer to God’s Question is being unearthed, mined from within each human being made from earthen bones, watery blood regulated through the vapors of air and fire.

The story of creation is focused on our solar system where the seven outer planets, from Earth to Pluto represent the life of our celestial body constrained between the 365 days our planet revolves around the Sun and the 248 year cycle of Pluto around the Sun. These two sums together make 613 depicting the human form made of 248 limbs and 365 tendons equaling the 613 Commandments separated into 248 Positive Commandments and 365 Negative Commandments given to the Jewish People — the Chosen People, a nation chosen for this purpose to perform these Commandments. As above so below.

Without the Jewish People, the Earth would be bereft and left without wind. The Jewish People performing 613 Commandments are the final conduit down to the answer of God’s Question. The Jewish People performing 613 Commandments are a light to the nations, bringing the Torah/Teachings of the Jewish People down to all peoples, illuminating the beautiful reality to everyone. Soon, the cloak of Death will be lifted and the light funneling down to Earth providing needed celestial nutrients for life on Earth will be clearly evident, but first the story of creation needs a conclusion.

God has the Question but we have the answer. However, without the question, the answer is pointless. In every story, there needs to be tension and anticipation. While people look for answers, the truth is found in the question; the ultimate question at the crux of creation — why does God create creation? The answer to our question is The Question precipitating creation. We can not know God’s Question but what we do know is, God wants to be known in low.

The Earth housing the human being is the lowest place in creation witnessed by our unique ability to go beyond nature through freewill. God is the author but we are the story. God has authored a novel of six thousand years; these are the End of Days when the story concludes over the next 220 years — what the world does now will set the course for our eventual merging into the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace. Humanity is dating the future. First we need to turn down the heat, quiet the noise and activity, clean up our planet then hope we get lucky.

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