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The Story of God

Because God is neither physical nor spiritual, God does not have a story. But, God wanted a story; so God created creation in six days, like a book with six chapters leading to the finale — the Seventh Day of Creation, the Day of Rest, the Shabbat. God could have created all of creation in one moment but that would not be a story. A story needs a beginning and an end, like a canvas of a painter needs dimension to compressed a vision. Each day of the Six Days of Creation represents a thousand years of human history. The present date is 5781 years since the creation of the first physical human being.

Though there were hundreds of millions of years prior to creation of life on planet Earth and there are eons of years to come beyond human history, now is when the conclusion of the human story happens. The eyes of creation are upon us to see how the story ends. What will the human being do and how will God respond. The relationship between the writer and the story is ephemeral. Should the author press a particular scenario on the characters, the story loses authenticity; should participants in the story loose connection with the author, the story loses meaning — the conclusion reveals the author.

In God’s Story, every character is essential, just as every little packet of life displayed throughout creation is essential, plus time is not static. Time is a spiral beginning with large luxurious circles meandering around the sun allowing life to explode, living dying and fossilizing within a day, but as the spiral of time drew closer to the fulcrum, life began to speed up. In our time as we close in on the final two centuries before the climactical Thousand Years of Woman and Peace begins, life is going fast; the centrifugal force is keeping everyone pinned to their place — the only place to go is back but that is blocked.

This is God’s story, how creation after six thousand years will culminate in conclusion bringing about the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace. Since this is God’s Story, there is no question as to the time and space allotted to this process. Everything is clearly set out to be seen by the entire world at one moment. Now is when the world looks beyond government and religion, each having been exposed as corrupt liars; now is when, at the end of the six thousand year calendar, all human beings throughout the world need to acknowledge the Creator of Heaven and Earth — now is when the paradigm shifts.

Towards the end of a book, the writer starts to put together the threads of the story; creation is a book of six initial chapters leading to conclusion in the final episode; our time 5781 is when history holds his breath because what is about to happen will take the breath away. There are many veils before the eyes of the world, and some people see better than others. God is sending the world obvious signs like, Covid which translates into Hebrew as Respect, so the story of creation does not run amuck.

Creation is God’s Book and God is a voracious reader, interested in each word which is a story within a story. Because God is beyond story, God created creation as a story not a rulebook. Judgment is in Heaven but God is more interested in the story. When we die, our individual story is over and our book is closed, yet each of us, having engraved our lives in this physical world will forever be a part of God’s Book. If a person lived for a thousand years, at death all of life would be like one day compared to the future.

Facing the eternity of creation at this crux in time is more than just being famous for a moment. We are the main characters of the story, whoever wishes can stand up and play the part that will bring the world to completion, now is the time. This is what should be taught in schools to our children whose minds and imaginations go far beyond the confines of Roman cultural and society. In a false world, only the children can be trusted to see the Truth, but first we must feed them the facts. Every person in this world is equally loved by the Creator.



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