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The Story of the Soul

The process of dying is terrifying but Death is more ephemeral. There is a peace about Death belying the stark stiff reality left within the dead body. While Death is buried in the ground and covered with dirt, ultimately reduced down into elements, the soul detaches from the body leaving the red flesh to rot and the bones bleach white. Once released from the shackles of the body, the glint of soul knows no bounds; untethered from the right side of the brain causing consciousness to transit back to the light upon an illuminated celestial beam — the I of self-awareness begins the trek back to the soul.

Each soul came into being through the apparatus of the stars which had been etched from the rim of creation where God’s Name is engraved into the lips of the aperture mouthing our galaxy into existence. Each shard from this original engraving destined to be a dislodged star moving towards infinity at a velocity beyond speed when suddenly the Creator yelled at creation — Stop. The reverberation caused by the sudden suspension of motion slowed movement down to the speed of light causing the sine wave to appear.

Each line of light tethered to a star, a shard from the original engraving of something into nothing, is connected directly to our solar system which funnels the light down to the Earth, the lowest place in creation where physical life exists. Each soul is engraved from a star, riding the beam of light down to the Earth implanted in the mind of man is the possibility to be ejaculated into the body of woman where a placenta is formed at conception, prepared with the DNA from each parent to receive the soul forty-one days later.

As the fetus grows, the soul slowly flows down upon the star beam over nine months until the birth of the baby when independents is obtained. For the first six years of life, the baby draws down the level of Nefesh/Movement; from six until puberty the child draws down the level of Ruach/Spirit when the emotions are activated and children are so sweet — at puberty the newly minted adult is given seven years until twenty while the third and final level of soul Neshama/Intellect is let lose during the teenage years when the child thinks he knows but has yet to experience knowledge.

The first two human beings, Adom and Chava were created at the age of twenty, the final threshold of physical growth when we begin to count the years of life in decades: 20s — Work; 30s — Strength; 40s — Understanding; 50s — Advisor; 60s — Elder; 70s — Full Life; 80s — Strong; 90s — Bent; 100 — Dead. When the soul leaves the body after life is over, the first expression of Death is embarrassment at not having a body. All souls go back to Heaven after life is over since there is nowhere else to go. The final embarrassment happens standing before the soul bathed in the Light of God having to give account for how we spent our time here on Earth.

Each incarnation returns to the Earth trying to refine the soul who is invested in the body because the Creator of Heaven and Earth wants to be known in low. In our times, the End of Days, new souls are being born for the first time, we call them autistic for their inability to properly communicate having no prior experience on this terrestrial world. The autistic are often left to the long road, unable to keep pace with those already experienced in life. Just like inherited abilities from previous generations inform the new body, there is also a genetic memory, lacking in the soul of the autistic.

From birth to death is half the cycle of life. The fear of Death generally revolves around the trepidation from the specter of nonexistence. Each soul was originally embedded in a star before being revealed, engraved by the Hand of God to be independent. Returning back to the ignominy of being nothing after experiencing the independence of movement and thought is distressing to the dying but for no reason, at all. Eventually, the returning glint of the soul is given a new body, similar to their earthly body, a spiritual body without flaws, then placed somewhere in Heaven according to the deeds of their lives adjudicated by the angels.

All lives lived must proceed to Heaven where the initial embarrassment caused by transparency is amplified while being judged by the angelic courts who determine the final abode of the soul in Heaven according to the deeds of the body. Now, that is something to fear.



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