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The SUSY Experiments

An idea that would help answer the biggest questions of the universe

This installation at CERN uses light and water to create realtime information visualizations from some of the Large Hadron Collider’s major experiments, including the ATLAS experiment. The “Fluidic Data” project by Agnes Chavez. Image by Julian Marius Ordan and Germano Massullo.
The Standard Model. On the left is seen the 12 matter particles (fermions) and on the right are the 5 force carrying particles (bosons) with the Higgs boson at the center. Image by CERN.
Some scientists hope that evidence of super particles lies dormant somewhere in data collected by the ATLAS detector. Otherwise they could result from highly energetic events, such as the magnetic field of a black hole. Image by ESO.
The SUSY particles (“sparticles”) are seen to the right of the Standard Model particles. For fermions an “s” is added to the beginning of the name to get the sparticle pair. Electron becomes “selectron”. For bosons an “-ino” is added to the end. Photon becomes “photino”. Image by Roland E. Allen.



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